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Frank 27 Jan 2004, 20:49

aaro has provided a set of macros that free EBP for use by the programmer -- see this thread. Here I present an alternative set of macros that do the same.

Using ESP instead of EBP has its risk (see below). Don't use either aaro's or my macros as a plugin-and-forget replacement for the macros that come with FASM and FRESH. If you do so, your code WILL break!

Both macro sets should be safe to use with linear code -- that is, where the processor sees one (assembled) source-code line after the next. In contrast, if there are JMPs or CALLs inside a procedure, it appears safer to rely on EBP as the stack pointer. That is because both sets of macros use a compile-time variable to keep track of the number of PUSHes and POPs. The assembler will update that variable source-code line by source-code line, whereas the CPU may jump over the corresponding instructions. Therefore, JMPs and CALLs inside a procedure can introduce a mismatch between compile-time variable and run-time stack pointer, in which case code will break.

That said, each of the macro sets can be quite useful for certain kinds of procedures (e.g., "leaf procedures"):
a) because they free the EBP register for the programmer, and
b) because they handle increments / decrements to the stack pointer automatically, which is both more convenient and less error-prone than doing this "by hand".

Compared to aaro's macro set, the one I present here has similar advantages:
- frees EBP for use by the programmer;
- named procedure parameters;
- named local (or: dynamic) variables;
- unused procedures are not assembled to begin with, saving size;

and a better INVOKE in addition:
- it takes into account that STDCALL procedures clear the stack;
- it integrates with FASMW's procedure parameter counting system.

In my macro set, any number of local (or: dynamic) variables may be declared, but each of them can only be a DWORD. In aaro's system, a couple of DWORDs can be declared at a time. I have tried to allow the declaration of arbitrary stack variables including STRUCs, but was unsuccessful so far -- see this thread.

The files
Attached are:

proc.inc, my set of macros;
test.asm, an example program that shows how the macro system works, here: in the context of a Windows program that also uses the standard WIN32AXP.INC file that is delivered with FASMW;
disasm.asm, a disassembly of the compiled test program, so that one can easily see the offsets from ESP that the macro system computes.

Feedback, bug reports, ideas for improvement and -- even more important -- for further simplification of these macros is highly welcome. Have fun!



Description: disassembly of the test program
Filename: disasm.asm
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Description: test program
Filename: test.asm
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Description: set of macros
Filename: proc.inc
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Post 27 Jan 2004, 20:49
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S.T.A.S. 22 Feb 2004, 11:55
I found a small bug, that could give problems with "POP localvar"
Here's the correct variant
macro pop arg
  ..pushsize = ..pushsize - 4
  pop     arg
Post 22 Feb 2004, 11:55
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Joined: 17 Jun 2003
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Frank 23 Feb 2004, 20:04
Weird -- but you are right. Thank you!
Post 23 Feb 2004, 20:04
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