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soul_master 18 Sep 2023, 03:50
How to create a custom Multiple Document Interface (MDI). Written in pure C from scratch with no WinAPI/MFC/NET/etc. Easily portable to any system: Arduino, Android, RPI, ESP32.

Example: Multiple Document Viewer (MDV): https://github.com/starpow3r/mdv (Click "[<> Code]" > Download). See MULTIPLE_DOCUMENT_VIEWER.C for the program, and INCLUDE/DOCUMENT.H for the code. Requirements: Win95+. Resolution: HD 1920x1080x32. Compiler: TinyC. Setup: Just copy /TCC/ folder to C:/. Target: C:/TCC/TCC.EXE.

Supports several document types: Text, Code, Binary, Image, Palette, Page. Initial beta release. Version -1. No links yet. No networking. Not quite an editor yet. No open or save. Not entirely functional.

Here's how it works: INTERFACE is a dynamic ARRAY of DOCUMENTs which are files that are currently open with a name, tab, icon and close button. A DOCUMENT can be a TEXT_DOCUMENT, CODE_DOCUMENT, BINARY_DOCUMENT (as hexadecimal bytes), IMAGE_DOCUMENT, PALETTE_DOCUMENT, SOUL_DOCUMENT (PAGE), or any type. For each DOCUMENT type, there are functions that must be defined: open, draw, input and timer. It is upgradeable to support new file formats like .FONT, .SPRITE (animation, array of IMAGEs) and .ACTOR (array of SPRITE animations, a player with "actions" like walk, block, punch, kick).

DOCUMENT *open_document(text name);
DOCUMENT *open_text_document(text name);
DOCUMENT *open_code_document(text name);
DOCUMENT *open_binary_document(text name);
DOCUMENT *open_palette_document(text name);
DOCUMENT *open_image_document(text name);
DOCUMENT *open_soul_document(text name);

int save_document(DOCUMENT *document, text as);
int save_text_document(DOCUMENT *document, text as);
int save_code_document(DOCUMENT *document, text as);
int save_binary_document(DOCUMENT *document, text as);
int save_palette_document(DOCUMENT *document, text as);
int save_image_document(DOCUMENT *document, text as);
int save_soul_document(DOCUMENT *document, text as);

int draw_document(DOCUMENT *document);
int draw_text_document(DOCUMENT *document);
int draw_code_document(DOCUMENT *document);
int draw_binary_document(DOCUMENT *document);
int draw_palette_document(DOCUMENT *document);
int draw_image_document(DOCUMENT *document);
int draw_soul_document(DOCUMENT *document);

int input_document(DOCUMENT *document);
int input_text_document(DOCUMENT *document);
int input_code_document(DOCUMENT *document);
int input_binary_document(DOCUMENT *document);
int input_palette_document(DOCUMENT *document);
int input_image_document(DOCUMENT *document);
int input_soul_document(DOCUMENT *document);

int timer_document(DOCUMENT *document);
int timer_text_document(DOCUMENT *document);
int timer_code_document(DOCUMENT *document);
int timer_binary_document(DOCUMENT *document);
int timer_palette_document(DOCUMENT *document);
int timer_image_document(DOCUMENT *document);
int timer_soul_document(DOCUMENT *document);    

Soulscript. My custom PAGE script. Easy alternative to HTML/CSS. See INCLUDE/PAGE/PAGE.H.

; Soulscript example



PAGE is a visual document, an ARRAY of ELEMENTs (text, code, images). See INCLUDE/PAGE/SCRIPT.H for load_page(PAGE *page, text name).

Advantages of PAGE: Easiest, clearest, fastest, portable, efficient, modular, customizable, ultra lightweight compared to HTML/CSS, low memory usage, no browser required (PAGE.H is the browser), and raster fonts with real outline (not in HTML/CSS). Designed for tutorials, examples and help files. Disadvantages: Beta. Limited. No links or jumps within pages. No error checking. It expects code to be written perfectly, or it may crash instantly.

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Post 18 Sep 2023, 03:50
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Joined: 30 Jun 2023
Posts: 21
soul_master 18 Sep 2023, 08:40


<t4>Soulscript Test<>

<t3><#2cf>Soulscript<> <#f4b>Test<><>

<t2><#f0c>Soulscript<> <#ff3>Test<><>

<t><#4f3>Soulscript Test<><>

  // Example C program

  #include <stdio.h>

  int main() {
    return 0;

  <#f00>RED<>, <#0f0>GREEN<>, <#00f>BLUE<>,
  <#0ff>CYAN<>, <#f0f>MAGENTA<>, <#ff0>YELLOW<>



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Post 18 Sep 2023, 08:40
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