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This is the next step from FlatC-- (https://board.flatassembler.net/topic.php?t=19700)
and FlatC- (https://board.flatassembler.net/topic.php?t=20153).
Flat assembler used as backend.

Practically identical to standard C.
1) Directive #debug - output debug in x64dbg format (dd32 or dd64)
2) Directive #gui - compiling in windows gui format (default is console format)
3) Directive #dll - compiling in DLL format
4) Directive #elf - format ELF for Linux
5) The asm operator may have a list of used variables -
asm (var1, var2, ...) {...} if variables are not used anywhere else.
See in test.c example the strlen() function.
Command line:
Usage: fc.exe [/ 64] [/ debug] <source>
/ 64 generate 64-bit program
/ debug generate debug info for x64dbg
(by default - generate 32-bit program)
Look results from tst.bat and tst64.bat

Description: Flat ะก v.0.022
Filename: FlatC.7z
Filesize: 375.47 KB
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Post 26 Nov 2018, 14:19
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