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Consider the following hello world program:

format ELF64 executable 0
entry main

segment readable executable

    mov rax, 1
    mov rdi, 1
    mov rsi, msg
    mov rdx, len

    mov rax, 60
    xor rdi, rdi

segment readable writeable

msg db "Hello World!", 10
len = $ - msg    

What do the segment directives in this program do? I tried experimenting with it to understand what they do. First, I removed the executable permission flag from the first segment. To my surprise, the code still worked. Next, I removed the readable permission flag from the second segment and the code still worked. Finally, I removed both the segment directives and the code still worked fine.

So, what do these segment directive do? Explain like I'm 5.
Post 13 Mar 2018, 22:44
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