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format PE GUI 4.0 entry start include 'win32a.inc' ID_ERRBIN = 100 ID_ERRHEX = 101 ID_ERRNUM = 102 ID_EDESC = 103 ID_SHOW = 104 section '.text' code readable executable start: invoke GetModuleHandle,0 invoke DialogBoxParam,eax,37,HWND_DESKTOP,DialogProc,0 exit: invoke ExitProcess,0 proc DialogProc hwnddlg,msg,wparam,lparam push ebx esi edi cmp [msg],WM_COMMAND je .wmcommand cmp [msg],WM_CLOSE je .wmclose xor eax,eax jmp .finish .wmcommand: cmp [wparam],STN_DBLCLK shl 16 + ID_ERRBIN je .errdblclicked cmp [wparam],BN_CLICKED shl 16 + ID_SHOW jne .processed invoke FormatMessage,\ FORMAT_MESSAGE_ALLOCATE_BUFFER+\ FORMAT_MESSAGE_FROM_SYSTEM ,\ ; it will check both for the error. NULL,\ [CurrErr],\ LANG_NEUTRAL,\ lpBuffer,\ 0,\ 0 invoke SetDlgItemText,[hwnddlg],ID_EDESC,[lpBuffer] invoke LocalFree,[lpBuffer] jmp .processed .errdblclicked: invoke GetCursorPos,pt invoke GetDlgItem,[hwnddlg],ID_ERRBIN push eax invoke GetWindowRect,eax,rect mov eax,[pt] sub eax,[rect] ; ================================================================================ ; formula: charindex = (mpm3 + 3 * (mpm3 div 51)) div 6, where mpm3 = MousePos.x-3 ; ================================================================================ sub eax,3 mov ebx,eax xor edx,edx mov ecx,51 div ecx mov ecx,3 mul ecx add eax,ebx xor edx,edx mov ecx,6 div ecx mov esi,eax ; formula is done in esi,eax - charindex xor edx,edx ; skip all chars with (9n-1) index mov ecx,9 div ecx cmp edx,8 pop ebx jz .processed invoke GetWindowText,ebx,Buffer,255 pop eax xor [Buffer+esi],1 invoke SetWindowText,ebx,Buffer;,0 xor esi,esi mov ecx,0 mov edi,Buffer+34 .loop_bin: xor eax,eax neg ecx mov al,[edi+ecx] ;-ecx needed neg ecx and al,1 shl eax,cl add esi,eax inc ecx cmp ecx,8 jne .test_ecx .skip_space: dec edi jmp .loop_bin .test_ecx: cmp ecx,16 je .skip_space cmp ecx,24 je .skip_space cmp ecx,32 jb .loop_bin mov [CurrErr],esi invoke wsprintf,Buffer,Fmt,esi invoke SetDlgItemText,[hwnddlg],ID_ERRHEX,Buffer jmp .processed .wmclose: invoke EndDialog,[hwnddlg],0 .processed: mov eax,1 .finish: pop edi esi ebx ret endp section '.data' data readable writeable CurrErr dd 0 Fmt db 'HEX: %08X',0 valid dd ? lpBuffer dd ? pt: dd ? dd ? Buffer db 255 dup (?) rect: dd 4 dup (?) section '.idata' import data readable writeable library kernel,'KERNEL32.DLL',\ user,'USER32.DLL' import kernel,\ GetModuleHandle,'GetModuleHandleA',\ FormatMessage,'FormatMessageA',\ ExitProcess,'ExitProcess',\ LocalFree,'LocalFree' import user,\ DialogBoxParam,'DialogBoxParamA',\ GetDlgItemInt,'GetDlgItemInt',\ CheckRadioButton,'CheckRadioButton',\ GetDlgItemText,'GetDlgItemTextA',\ SetDlgItemText,'SetDlgItemTextA',\ IsDlgButtonChecked,'IsDlgButtonChecked',\ MessageBox,'MessageBoxA',\ GetWindowLong,'GetWindowLongA',\ GetWindowText,'GetWindowTextA',\ SetWindowText,'SetWindowTextA',\ GetWindowRect,'GetWindowRect',\ ChildWindowFromPoint,'ChildWindowFromPoint',\ GetCapture,'GetCapture',\ GetCursorPos,'GetCursorPos',\ GetMessagePos,'GetMessagePos',\ GetDlgItem,'GetDlgItem',\ PostMessage,'PostMessageA',\ wsprintf,'wsprintfA',\ EndDialog,'EndDialog' section '.rsrc' resource data readable directory RT_DIALOG,dialogs resource dialogs,\ 37,LANG_ENGLISH+SUBLANG_DEFAULT,demonstration ; to compile with fasm oficial release delete one "," of sequence ",," from next line dialog demonstration,,'Error description Box',70,70,225,140,WS_CAPTION or WS_POPUP or WS_SYSMENU or DS_MODALFRAME or DS_SETFONT ; for official fasm release DS_SETFONT is style added by default and can be skipped dialogitem 'STATIC','00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000',ID_ERRBIN,5,5,140,13,WS_VISIBLE+WS_CHILD+WS_BORDER+WS_TABSTOP+SS_NOTIFY ; force use SS_NOTIFY style because in fasm it is not added by default (in masm it is added) dialogitem 'STATIC','HEX: 00000000',ID_ERRHEX,5,20,66,11,WS_VISIBLE+WS_CHILD dialogitem 'BUTTON','Show Description',ID_SHOW,150,4,65,15,WS_VISIBLE+WS_CHILD+WS_TABSTOP+BS_PUSHBUTTON dialogitem 'STATIC','',ID_EDESC,5,30,215,100,WS_VISIBLE+WS_CHILD enddialog

Maybe control named here with ID ID_ERRBIN will be useful in some your demo projects.

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Nice. Very Happy Thanks for sharing.

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