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I tryed to port examples from fasm1 to fasmg, from old resource sintax to new one (and at same time to test my understanding of resource internals)/
I don`t looking for macro that does it correctly. I wish to write that macro myself. I need just to know where I make mistake?
;include 'FUNDAMENTALS\MACROS\symbols.inc' include 'ABI\WIN\win32a.inc' format PE GUI ;rename binary as 'MINIPAD.EXE' entry start ;launch CMD line '%OUTPUT%' IDR_ICON = 1 IDR_GICON = 17 IDR_MENU = 37 IDM_NEW = 101 IDM_EXIT = 102 IDM_ABOUT = 901 NULL = 0 FALSE = 0 TRUE = 1 section '.text' code readable executable start: invoke GetModuleHandle,0 mov [wc.hInstance],eax invoke LoadIcon,eax,IDR_ICON mov [wc.hIcon],eax invoke LoadCursor,0,IDC_ARROW mov [wc.hCursor],eax invoke RegisterClass,wc test eax,eax jz error invoke LoadMenu,[wc.hInstance],IDR_MENU invoke CreateWindowEx,0,_class,_title,WS_VISIBLE+WS_OVERLAPPEDWINDOW,144,128,256,256,NULL,eax,[wc.hInstance],NULL test eax,eax jz error msg_loop: invoke GetMessage,msg,NULL,0,0 cmp eax,1 jb end_loop jne msg_loop invoke TranslateMessage,msg invoke DispatchMessage,msg jmp msg_loop error: invoke MessageBox,NULL,_error,NULL,MB_ICONERROR+MB_OK end_loop: invoke ExitProcess,0 proc WindowProc uses ebx esi edi, hwnd,wmsg,wparam,lparam mov eax,[wmsg] cmp eax,WM_CREATE je .wmcreate cmp eax,WM_SIZE je .wmsize cmp eax,WM_SETFOCUS je .wmsetfocus cmp eax,WM_COMMAND je .wmcommand cmp eax,WM_DESTROY je .wmdestroy .defwndproc: invoke DefWindowProc,[hwnd],[wmsg],[wparam],[lparam] jmp .finish .wmcreate: invoke GetClientRect,[hwnd],client invoke CreateWindowEx,WS_EX_CLIENTEDGE,_edit,0,WS_VISIBLE+WS_CHILD+WS_HSCROLL+WS_VSCROLL+ES_AUTOHSCROLL+ES_AUTOVSCROLL+ES_MULTILINE,[client.left],[client.top],[client.right],[client.bottom],[hwnd],0,[wc.hInstance],NULL or eax,eax jz .failed mov [edithwnd],eax invoke CreateFont,16,0,0,0,0,FALSE,FALSE,FALSE,ANSI_CHARSET,OUT_RASTER_PRECIS,CLIP_DEFAULT_PRECIS,DEFAULT_QUALITY,FIXED_PITCH+FF_DONTCARE,NULL or eax,eax jz .failed mov [editfont],eax invoke SendMessage,[edithwnd],WM_SETFONT,eax,FALSE xor eax,eax jmp .finish .failed: or eax,-1 jmp .finish .wmsize: invoke GetClientRect,[hwnd],client invoke MoveWindow,[edithwnd],[client.left],[client.top],[client.right],[client.bottom],TRUE xor eax,eax jmp .finish .wmsetfocus: invoke SetFocus,[edithwnd] xor eax,eax jmp .finish .wmcommand: mov eax,[wparam] and eax,0FFFFh cmp eax,IDM_NEW je .new cmp eax,IDM_ABOUT je .about cmp eax,IDM_EXIT je .wmdestroy jmp .defwndproc .new: invoke SendMessage,[edithwnd],WM_SETTEXT,0,0 jmp .finish .about: invoke MessageBox,[hwnd],_about_text,_about_title,MB_OK jmp .finish .wmdestroy: invoke DeleteObject,[editfont] invoke PostQuitMessage,0 xor eax,eax .finish: ret endp section '.data' data readable writeable _title TCHAR 'MiniPad',0 _about_title TCHAR 'About MiniPad',0 _about_text TCHAR 'This is Win32 example program created with flat assembler.',0 _error TCHAR 'Startup failed.',0 _class TCHAR 'MINIPAD32',0 _edit TCHAR 'EDIT',0 wc WNDCLASS style:0, lpfnWndProc:WindowProc, hbrBackground:COLOR_BTNFACE+1, lpszClassName:_class edithwnd dd ? editfont dd ? msg MSG client RECT section '.idata' import data readable writeable ;dd 0,0,0,RVA kernel_name,RVA kernel_table ;dd 0,0,0,RVA user_name,RVA user_table ;dd 0,0,0,0,0 ;kernel_table: ; ExitProcess dd RVA _ExitProcess ; dd 0 ;user_table: ; MessageBox dd RVA _MessageBoxA ; dd 0 ;kernel_name db 'KERNEL32.DLL',0 ;user_name db 'USER32.DLL',0 ;_ExitProcess dw 0 ; db 'ExitProcess',0 ;_MessageBoxA dw 0 ; db 'MessageBoxA',0 library kernel32,'KERNEL32.DLL',\ user32,'USER32.DLL',\ gdi32,'GDI32.DLL' include 'ABI\WIN\API\kernel32.inc' include 'ABI\WIN\API\user32.inc' include 'ABI\WIN\API\gdi32.inc' section '.reloc' fixups data readable discardable ; needed for Win32s macro menuitem string,id,resinfo,status,type dd MFT_STRING or type+0,status+0,id dw resinfo+0 du string,0 align 4 match any,resinfo if resinfo and MFR_POPUP dd 0 end if end match end macro macro menuseparator resinfo dd MFT_SEPARATOR,0,0 dw resinfo+0,0 end macro section '.rsrc' resource data readable resource_directory resource_data RT_MENU,IDR_MENU,LANG_ENGLISH+SUBLANG_DEFAULT dw 1,4,0,0 menuitem '&File',0,MFR_POPUP menuitem '&New',IDM_NEW menuseparator menuitem 'E&xit',IDM_EXIT,MFR_END menuitem '&Help',0,MFR_POPUP + MFR_END menuitem '&About...',IDM_ABOUT,MFR_END end resource_data resource_data RT_ICON,IDR_ICON,LANG_NEUTRAL virtual at 0 file 'minipad.ico':6,16 load size:dword from 8 load position:dword from 12 end virtual file 'minipad.ico':position,size end resource_data resource_data RT_GROUP_ICON,IDR_GICON,LANG_NEUTRAL dw 0,1,1 file 'minipad.ico':6,12 dw IDR_ICON end resource_data end resource_directory

menu goes correctly, app not crashed, even in explorer icon of app displayed correctly in explorer and in taskbar, but....

..Icon not goes to window header. I can`t localize mistake: it is in resources or in code? upper picture - how window header looks after compile from fasm1 examples, down picture is mine in fasmg with mistake.

I tryed to see difference in tool of MiTek named exe.exe (freeware) in both "minipad.exe"`s present same resources for icon, menu, group icon - they looks binary identic on first sight.

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Joined: 24 Mar 2012
Posts: 157
Location: Russian Federation, Sochi
I found solution there was no mistakes.

OS shows only group icon with ID = 1 in win header.

changing definition from
solves all
Post 24 Jul 2017, 21:34
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