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How to map 0xB8000..0xBFFFF at 68GB+16MB=(0x1101000000) ?
My code is:
MaxMem dd 64 ;64GB MemoryStart dd 1024*1024 ;1M push 0 pop fs mov eax,[MaxMem] shl eax,12 lea ebx,[eax+512*8*(2+1)] mov ebp,ebx push ebx mov eax,[MemoryStart] mov ebx,eax lea eax,[ebx+4*1024-1] ;\ Align to 4*1024 and ax,not (4*1024-1) ;/ mov [PML4],eax add eax,4*1024 mov [PDP],eax add eax,4*1024 mov [PDT],eax pxor mm0,mm0 pop ecx shr ecx,3 @@: dec ecx movq [fs:ebx+ecx*8],mm0 jnz @B mov eax,[PML4] mov ebx,[PDP] mov ecx,[PDT] or bl,7 or cl,7 mov [fs:eax+8*000],ebx ;Fill page tables mov eax,[PDP] xor edx,edx .1: mov [fs:eax+8*edx],ecx add ecx,4*1024 inc edx cmp edx,[MaxMem] jb .1 mov eax,2*1024*1024 movd mm1,eax mov eax,PT_AVL+PT_PS+PT_U+PT_W+PT_P ;Start from 1st 0..2MB-1 movd mm0,eax mov ecx,[MaxMem] shl ecx,9 mov eax,[PDT] .0: movq [fs:eax],mm0 paddq mm0,mm1 add eax,8 loop .0 mov eax,[AddrLFB] or eax,eax jz @F or eax,PT_AVL+PT_PS+PT_U+PT_W+PT_P movd mm0,eax mov edx,[PDT] add edx,(68 shl 9)*8 mov ecx,8 .2: movq [fs:edx],mm0 paddq mm0,mm1 add edx,8 loop .2 mov eax,0xB8000+PT_AVL+PT_U+PT_W+PT_P movd mm0,eax movq [fs:edx],mm0 @@:

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