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org $100 input: mov ax,$0000 int $16 cmp al,$60 jnz input push cs pop ds mov esi,ram mov ebx,[esi] add esi,4 add ebx,esi poop: cmp ebx,esi jz pend mov cl,$00 mov ah,$0e name: mov al,[esi] int $10 inc cl inc esi cmp cl,$20 jnz name mov cl,$00 size: mov al,[esi] shr al,$4 cmp al,$00 jnz size1 add al,$30 int $10 size1: cmp al,$01 jnz size2 add al,$30 int $10 size2: cmp al,$02 jnz size3 add al,$30 int $10 size3: cmp al,$03 jnz size4 add al,$30 int $10 size4: cmp al,$04 jnz size5 add al,$30 int $10 size5: cmp al,$05 jnz size6 add al,$30 int $10 size6: cmp al,$06 jnz size7 add al,$30 int $10 size7: cmp al,$07 jnz size8 add al,$30 int $10 size8: cmp al,$08 jnz size9 add al,$30 int $10 size9: cmp al,$09 jnz sizea add al,$30 int $10 sizea: cmp al,$0a jnz sizeb add al,$30 int $10 sizeb: cmp al,$0b jnz sizec add al,$30 int $10 sizec: cmp al,$0c jnz sized add al,$30 int $10 sized: cmp al,$0d jnz sizee add al,$30 int $10 sizee: cmp al,$0e jnz sizef add al,$30 int $10 sizef: cmp al,$0f jnz nextdick add al,$30 int $10 nextdick: mov al,[esi] shl al,$4 shr al,$4 cmp al,$00 jnz size12 add al,$30 int $10 size12: cmp al,$01 jnz size22 add al,$30 int $10 size22: cmp al,$02 jnz size32 add al,$30 int $10 size32: cmp al,$03 jnz size42 add al,$30 int $10 size42: cmp al,$04 jnz size52 add al,$30 int $10 size52: cmp al,$05 jnz size62 add al,$30 int $10 size62: cmp al,$06 jnz size72 add al,$30 int $10 size72: cmp al,$07 jnz size82 add al,$30 int $10 size82: cmp al,$08 jnz size92 add al,$30 int $10 size92: cmp al,$09 jnz sizea2 add al,$30 int $10 sizea2: cmp al,$0a jnz sizeb2 add al,$30 int $10 sizeb2: cmp al,$0b jnz sizec2 add al,$30 int $10 sizec2: cmp al,$0c jnz sized2 add al,$30 int $10 sized2: cmp al,$0d jnz sizee2 add al,$30 int $10 sizee2: cmp al,$0e jnz sizef2 add al,$30 int $10 sizef2: cmp al,$0f jnz sizeg add al,$30 int $10 sizeg: inc esi inc cl cmp cl,$4 jnz size mov al,$0d int $10 sub esi,$4 mov edx,[esi] add esi,$4 add esi,edx jmp poop pend: int $20 ret ram file 'ram'

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Post 08 Mar 2016, 20:17
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Tomasz Grysztar
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The source code in your post does not match the file you disassembled. You have "push cs" and "pop ds" after "jnz input" but these two instructions are not present in the file you debugged.
Post 08 Mar 2016, 21:09
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