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My TinyCC distribution + 3 Examples. Setup:

* Run command prompt. Drag EXAMPLE.BAT into console and press ENTER
* To re-compile+run again in the console, press UP then ENTER. In the terminal, UP/DOWN selects previous commands

TCC with Notepad++, free lightweight text editor. Open .C/PP/H with.


Android C4Droid. Download from Android Store. Get plugins GCC and SDL.

* 2 respected C/C++ compilers: TCC (TinyC+uCLibc), GCC + Bionic. Preferences > Select Compiler
* Outputs native code, SDL1/2, QT, OpenGL, NativeActivity
* Easy IDE. Classic console theme. Preferences > Theme, Colors. Multiple document support (MDI). Preferences > Tabs above

My Android phones:

SDL example:
/* SDL. DRAW RANDOM PIXELS. OPTIONAL LOAD/DRAW IMAGE. COMPILER > GCC + BIONIC */ #include <stdio.h> #include <SDL.h> typedef unsigned char byte; typedef unsigned short word; typedef unsigned uint; #define WIDTH 640 #define HEIGHT 480 SDL_Surface *screen, *image; SDL_Event event; byte *keys_p; int running=1; int set_video(); void draw_screen(); int lock_screen(); void unlock_screen(); #define get_event() SDL_PollEvent(&event) #define show_screen() SDL_Flip(screen) ////////////////////////////////////////////////// int set_video() { if (SDL_Init(SDL_INIT_VIDEO)<0) return 0; screen=SDL_SetVideoMode(WIDTH, HEIGHT, 32, SDL_FULLSCREEN|SDL_HWSURFACE); if (!screen) { SDL_Quit(); return 0; } return 1; } int lock_screen() { if (SDL_MUSTLOCK(screen)) if (SDL_LockSurface(screen)<0) return 0; return 1; } void unlock_screen() { if (SDL_MUSTLOCK(screen)) SDL_UnlockSurface(screen); } void draw_pixels() { int x, y; uint *p; if (!lock_screen()) return; for (y=0; y<screen->h; y++) { for (x=0; x<screen->w; x++) { p=(uint*) screen->pixels+ rand()%(screen->w*screen->h); *p=rand()%0xFFFFFF; } } unlock_screen(); show_screen(); } void end_video() { SDL_Quit(); } int load_image() { image=SDL_LoadBMP("hello.bmp"); if (!image) return 0; return 1; } int image_x, image_y; SDL_Rect screen_box, image_box; void draw_image() { screen_box.x=image_x; screen_box.y=image_y; screen_box.w=image->w; screen_box.h=image->h; image_box.x=image_box.y=0; image_box.w=image->w, image_box.h=image->h; SDL_BlitSurface(image, &image_box, screen, &screen_box); } void destroy_image() { SDL_FreeSurface(image); } void draw_screen() { draw_pixels(); // draw_image(); } int handle_events() { int key; while (get_event()) { if (event.type==SDL_KEYDOWN) { key=event.key.keysym.sym; if (key==SDLK_LEFT) image_x-=4; if (key==SDLK_RIGHT) image_x+=4; if (key==SDLK_UP) image_y-=4; if (key==SDLK_DOWN) image_y+=4; return 1; } else if (event.type==SDL_QUIT) { running=0; } } return 1; } int main(int na, char *as[]) { if (!set_video()) return 1; // if (!load_image()) // return 1; while (running) { draw_screen(); handle_events(); } end_video(); // destroy_image(); return 0; }
Post 15 Mar 2015, 05:27
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