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Tomasz Grysztar

Joined: 16 Jun 2003
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Tomasz Grysztar 18 Aug 2006, 12:45
Please post here the links to threads that you find exceptionally important of interesting, so that others may find them more easily.

[To moderators: feel free to modify this post to put any additions here and/or remove the no longer needed posts]

x86 instruction reference
Fixed point numbers - among others, division by multiplication explained
Big Numbers - working with numbers larger than 32/64 bits, another thread about big numbers
x86-64 Introduction using Intel Manuals (external)

MOV vs. XOR vs. AND - zeroing register
AND vs. OR vs. TEST - checking register for zero
Memory copy algorithms
Reverse bits 32
more than one byte NOPs

Understanding FASM
FASM vocabulary
Porting fasm
Tweaking FASM to allow more instruction/directives per line
Description of multi-pass assembly algorithm
FASM's internal symbol codes (describes the format of parsed source)
Syntax changes in fasm 1.61 and above (introduction of MATCH directive, fixing the FIX, thread started 2005-Jun)

Macro tutorials
Macro tutorials -- continuation
Explanation of MATCH directive
Splitting list of symbols

Customizing the proc
MASM-like structures and procedures
union macro
for macro
switch/case macros generating jump table
Random number macro
Date/time macros
@@@/@@f/@@b macros
Finite Automata macros
XOR encryption macros
RSA encryption macros
Rijndael (and AES) encryption macros
SHA512 encryption macros
Simple one-section PE encryptor
Extracting resource from external PE file

Simple NASM macrosyntax emulation
FASM solves set of equations
English assembly syntax macros
Compiling .ASM directly into a .TGA image
PE dump done by fasm's interpretive layer
single-line FASM funny programs
interactive assembling
Ada-like syntax
HLL syntax - MessageBox(0, get_name(), "abcd", MB_OK)

Entering long (64bit) mode
much on hardware programming [external]
VGA programming
FDC/DMA programming
PCI programming
PCI programming (documentation links)
USB programming
Bootable CDROM code
Accessing HD directly

FA - command line extension for fasm (2009-Mar / 2009-Aug)
fasm as DLL
Reverend's API resolver (creates import .inc file from DLL)
Decard's ASM2HTML (new version coming soon - decard)
FASM Downloader - fast download latest version of FASM

cdpod - 512 byte OS, by Dex4U
Smallest sudoku solvers - 1536 byte for win32 by Reverend, 360 byte for DOS by vid
http://board.flatassembler.net/topic.php?t=6010 - 255 byte DOS LFN dir lister, by rugxulo
http://board.flatassembler.net/topic.php?t=5668 - 300byte OS, by kucsikp
http://www.256b.com/ - site containing many 256 byte demos (some in FASM)

FASMARM - FASM clone for ARM processors
Macros for AVR (ATMEL) microcontrollers programming
Neural64 - self-learning neural network example
PIC code with ELF format - creation of shared libraries in Linux
Flat Real/unReal mode
equivalent for GNU AS .balign
TextPad - Using TextPad with FASM
Hypervisors - theory on creating hypervisors
Updating instruction microcode

Server side applications

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Post 18 Aug 2006, 12:45
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Joined: 09 Aug 2005
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Location: Usono (aka, USA)
rugxulo 24 Oct 2006, 07:02
Two 256b VGA intros w/ src (Boxes, Astroids 2) -- Grenhald

Para512: 512b paratrooper w/ src -- vid

"regression...": three 256b demos w/ src (Flower256, Bounce256, Wobble256) -- relsoft

P.S. I hate to link to my own stuff, but anyways ... tiny .ZIP viewers (106 bytes -> ATV; 122, 254 bytes -> me)

Misc. demo URLs (not necessarily for FASM):
http://www.hugi.scene.org/compo/ (has newer 64-byte compo entries)

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Post 24 Oct 2006, 07:02
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Joined: 15 Feb 2008
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narada 21 Jul 2009, 17:00
Post 21 Jul 2009, 17:00
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Joined: 30 Jun 2004
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windwakr 21 Jul 2009, 17:36
narada wrote:
: http://www.256b.com - dead:

That sucks, I liked that site....good thing I have the whole archive downloaded.

----> * <---- My star, won HERE
Post 21 Jul 2009, 17:36
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Joined: 30 Jul 2013
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Location: Asia, Singapore
sid123 17 Jan 2014, 07:19
I would edit this post if I find any interesting ones. Wink
8 byte drawing algorithm by bitshifter (total 17 bytes Cool ) <--- This is amazing.
m3ntal's Sprite Fight Game http://board.flatassembler.net/topic.php?t=16197
Shows powerful usage of macros! (For those who're lazy to code in assembly, and see how macros work, this is recommended. Also has decent graphics. Very Happy)
Sprite Editor for DOS Wink by lutetia -
Fire Flame Animation by Dex4u Cool in VGA Mode 13h -
Nice for an intro for your proggy.... Very Happy
FunOpenGL beautiful graphics game by tthsqe: http://board.flatassembler.net/topic.php?t=15746

"Those who can make you believe in absurdities can make you commit atrocities" -- Voltaire https://github.com/Benderx2/R3X
Post 17 Jan 2014, 07:19
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Joined: 07 Jun 2016
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connor 01 Jul 2016, 07:38

cars tech weed bitches country & thug life
Post 01 Jul 2016, 07:38
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Joined: 21 Jun 2016
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patulinu 01 Jul 2016, 15:18
narada wrote:
http://www.256b.com - dead

Get the ultimate intros collection and enjoy:
hardcode.zip (376 MB)
Download it at: http://hardcode.untergrund.net
Post 01 Jul 2016, 15:18
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