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The future of MenuetOS is to be:
a workstation
 48%  [ 18 ]
a terminal for Internet
 10%  [ 4 ]
usefull for system recovery
 13%  [ 5 ]
a nice toy for kids
 21%  [ 8 ]
I don't Know!
 5%  [ 2 ]
Total Votes : 37

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Joined: 21 Jan 2004
Posts: 1
Alexmipego 21 Jan 2004, 03:42
First of all congratulations for the work.

I'm portuguese and I've been watching the project for many months. I think it is a good piece of work, even not coding in asm I understand it. I've a question and I would like to know your personal opinions.

What will be the future of MenuetOS?

Lets face the reallity... It will not fit in one floppy much longer. There are plans and ready applications for it. Soon there will be no space for so much information in 1.44M.

Another thing is that MenuetOS doesn't provide support for possible large application. The kernel and the structure of everything else can affort big applications in the future?

All the things I've talked seem bad, the good news is that after this all I believe in MenuetOS, not as a workstation environment. I see Menuet with great future in 2 "markets". Old computers being used as terminals to internet and the best for me Razz I think Menuet will be great if used as recovery console for PCs. Developing tools like DiskDruid/PartitionMagic/Fdisk, Master boot fixer for ext3, fat and ntfs would be great features to computer administrators.

Well, I talked too much, now you tell me what you think.
Post 21 Jan 2004, 03:42
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Joined: 25 Jan 2004
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CGtech 25 Jan 2004, 15:15
I think that the MenuetOS will turn out to be an amzing tool because from what I see almost everyone who is using it is a developer/programming or at least a computer literate person. Due to that fact the optimization of the Operating System itself and the programs which run on it are very clean, optimized, and well maintained I think this Operating system has great potential. One suggestion is that the Internet functions be developed further because then programs can be run over the internet. Programmed in HTML and Javascript, the programs can be made small enough for those of us who have a dial up connection and can optimize diskspace.

I downloaded this OS for three reasons. The first one is to get more into programming my own applications. The second is that I have been looking into creating my own OS and viewing the source and possibly changing a few things around in this OS would be a very useful learning tool. The last reason is this OS can be used for a recovery of my other Operating Systems.
Post 25 Jan 2004, 15:15
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Joined: 11 Feb 2004
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TecHarT 12 Feb 2004, 03:09
I want a Simple Reliable Personal Computer!

I think MenutetOS can become many things! It could become:

1.)THE bullet proof (no crashes) personal computer of the future or: a Simple Reliable Personal Computer
a. Word processor
b. Spread sheet
c. Internet browser
d. Small size is nice, but so is usability.
i. PDA vs. Screen and keyboard

2.) THE robotics platform of the future.
a. PROM based
b. Able to interface with lower level systems.
c. Able to run higher level AI programs.

In the future MenutetOS could become the platform of choice
for a majority of computer users… well it could.

Forgive me, but a little history…

The HEAD of ms (micro~soft) got to be the richest slockmaster
the world has ever seen simply because of the numbers…

IBM/ms got more users than Apple (or any other computer system)
simply because IBM was creditable. IBM had a reputation of fixing ANY
problem ANY IBM customer ever had. IBM would send commandos
(in blue suits) anywhere, at any price, to fix any problem at any cost.

Then came the PC… IBM just did not get it. It was a computer, of sorts.
It looked more like a toy to them. So they treated it like a toy computer.
At one point they even tried a PCjr., thinking that the “market” was for
toy computers.

Enter gates… and our world has been flushing manure-like-data ever since,
all the while billy gets rich.

It was a chicken and egg kind of thing…
… all the chickens followed IBM,
… and IBM wound up with an ms egg on itself.
[IBM even tried to buy the OS, but billy would not sell]
…now we hear more and more about IBM supporting open OS.

As a side note, when potential suppliers considered investing in developing some computer product for the consumer market, it was the numbers…
It was the big IBM numbers, that caused most developers of software and hardware products to focus on the IBM/ms system.

And what about Apple? They were quality conscience (a good thing)
but they decided that a closed system was the road to quality
(and quality to success). Oops.

So what’s my point? SRPC, more users, quality via good documentation.

1.) I agree Money can corrupt, but it can represent power also.
2.) What is success? I say success is a lot of users.
a. What is a lot? …more than ms.
b. More users will mean more support from other developers.
3.) What most users want is a Simple Reliable Personal Computer.
a. Tech users want gadgets, but most users want simple.
b. The MenutetOS could become a great Tech system and a SRPC.
4.) To get a SRPC from MenutetOS I think quality is the key, and it will be the documentation the makes the overall system work well for most users.
Documentation that guides development, not controls it.
a. Documentation at many levels, each level is very different.
i. Design goals, gives direction to design efforts.
ii. Code notes, allows the code to be maintained.
iii. User info, bundled with software (help files)
iv. Application Documentation
1. Development goals
2. AP Code Notes
3. AP User info, bundled with software (help files).
b. And with that many users, there will be money. There are many uses for some money:
i. Documentation
ii. User Support
iii. Legal support (protection from billy mostly)
iv. Etc

Post 12 Feb 2004, 03:09
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