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recently, i got hold a new twinhead e10 10" laptop.
it came preloaded with neoshine desktop linux (it is slow, maybe due to it is running on a new AMD LX800 500MHz processor.

now, i want to change it to use xubuntu that utilize xfce desktop manager, and i am afraid of those devices wouldn't function in xubuntu.

what i plan to do is.
1. grab those devices drivers from current preloaded neoshine linux (how to grab them, i don't know)

2. clean the HD

3. put xubuntu on it. and cross fingers it will runs faster.

so, question is, is that possible to grab those devices driver from a working linux distro? and use it in another distro?
if yes, how,
if no, why.

Post 20 May 2008, 20:11
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Joined: 19 Feb 2004
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Thats unlikely to work.

What I suggest you do is install XFCE on your current machine, and use that instead.

The problem with drivers is that they are actually kernel modules.. therefore they have to be built with the kernel version your using.

Although, ubuntu is said to have good support for hardware, and anything it doesnt have, is probably available as source code somewhere online, so you could just build it yourself.

The linux kernel's got support for a whole lot of devices, the thing is that it depends what ones were "built" when the distro was compiled as to what support youll get.

Best thing is to rebuild the kernel, selecting the things you do need, and deselecting the ones you dont (to save memory, and to speed up the kernel), (especially since distro kernels are usually built as "generic x86", so it doesnt take full advantage of the processor's abilities (sse, etc)).

But yeah, unless you have really exotic hardware, (X-Fi soundcard being one of them), then xubuntu will probably support most, if not all of your hardware, then the rest you can lookup how to add in support for yourself.
Post 21 May 2008, 10:25
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If you're using Grub, you could try fromiso= to boot an .ISO file. (Actually, antiX isn't very fast, DamnSmallLinux or Puppy Linux seem much much better.)
Post 24 May 2008, 21:18
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