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Dex4u 11 May 2008, 13:25
You can test DexOS server if you have a rtl8139 ethernet card
These are the network stuff
Available here: http://dex4u.com/download.htm

You will just need "ServerImage" to test, but the other zip files have the source code in.
Here's how to test

To test the DexOS Server you will need a real PC and a RTL8139 ethernet card.
Used the enclosed image to make a bootable floppy or bootable CD

Once you have booted to DexOS, making sure that DexOS finds your RTL8139 card on boot up.
You should be at the CLI type
dexserv <enter>
Once the program loads press ALT and goto the first menu and click on "Auto Config" you should now see
a progress bar, before it gets to the end it should have got a IP address etc, if so click to save and exit.

If not it means it could not find a "DHCP" server (if you on a network with a router, this works
best). If it could not find a "DHCP" server you will need to set it up manually, to do this click on the "Manual Config"
and fill the setting up to suite your setup.
Once setup, you can click on "Netstats" to see the stats for the network, ping it from another PC etc.
To use the server click "Start Server" you should see the setting and a progress bas moving up and down.
To test it goto a PC on the same network and in a web browser type the ip you set (eg:
Then you should see DexOS home page come up you can, test it like any other http server.
EG: If ask for a page that is not there, you will get a 404.

You can make it serve your own pages by filling out 'WebPages.inc' and putting your web pages in the folder 'pages' and re-assembling
(note: take out any un-used pages).

You can use the tcp/ip stack once the ethernet driver is load from within any DexOS program by using
int 52h
int 53h
A full list will follow, also to use the server from over the internet you will need to get the ip you set
for the server and in your router set that to port forward any income for port 80.
(for more info readup on port forwarding).

If you get a error in red pop up, it mean theres no stack or ethernet card setup.

With DexOS server you can turn a old PC into a web server etc.

Any ? just ask and thanks for testing
Post 11 May 2008, 13:25
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