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System86 07 May 2008, 19:46
How do you perform getch and kbhit under Linux using int 80h? I know that under Windows, you can use _getch and _kbhit functions in msvcrt.dll, and under DOS you can use int 16h to do this. But how is this done under Linux? I tried using IOCTL with KDSKBMODE and set the keyboard to medium-raw mode for getch (then read the keyboard by calling int 80h with the right parameters) and then restored the keyboard mode, but that simply messed up my kbd so I needed to use alt+sysrq+r to get it back to normal mode. Are there any other IOCTL's I can use to enable reading keystrokes?
Post 07 May 2008, 19:46
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Chewy509 08 May 2008, 00:20
getch: do a 1 byte read (sys_read, eax = 3) with the file handle 00h...

(Default handles in Linux:
STDIN = 00h
STDOUT = 01h
STDERR = 02h

Here is the asm (for AMD64):
mov rax,  03;  // Sys_read
mov rbx,  00h;  // Handle
mov rcx,  buffer;  // Location to store your input
mov rdx,  1;  // 1 byte;
test rax, rax
jz .@f 
movzx rax, byte [buffer]
jmp forward:
xor rax, rax
dec rax

;; rax contains your character, or -1 if EOF.

kbhit: There is no native solution, but the following C version does what you are after:

/* kbhit.h */

#include <sys/select.h>

int kbhit(void)
struct timeval tv;
fd_set read_fd;


if(select(1, &read_fd, NULL, NULL, &tv) == -1)
return 0;

return 1;

return 0;

Then you can include the above "kbhit.h" and use the kbhit() function.
For example,

#include <stdio.h>
#include "kbhit.h"

int main()
printf("Press any key to continue..\n");
printf("bye bye\n");

return 0;

I'll let you do the translation into asm... (or use gcc to output the resultant asm).[/code]
Post 08 May 2008, 00:20
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