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Verbosity in development

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Thanks you tom, lot of information I was missing. Did your studies ever touch this subject?
Post 04 May 2008, 09:57
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vid wrote:
Grey Beast: I agree both parts are important. Left part finds it's place where you want to deal with great confidence and minimal error, like logic, reasoning, science, exploring how brain works, etc.. Right part is useful in less well-defined environment, like social behavior, predicting other people's behavior etc. Extreme left-brainness leads to socially impossible RainMain-like characters, and extreme right-brainness leads to no-clue manipulable types who believe whathever they like to believe, contrary reason. Each half should be used where it performs better.
Yes of course both should be 'equalized', I mean, you should put emphasis on both to fully be an 'aware' person.

For example, left brain deals with logic, and does stuff that it thinks will usually be 100% true. The left brain can not understand the meaning of a pencil, but only how it is called (i.e a pencil, a pen, a paper, etc.). For example, because that is left to creativity -- you can do whatever you want with the pencil. The 'understanding' of an object's purpose or what you want to do with it, is in the right brain.

That said, I think the left brain is less important in these days than it was back then because some of it has been replaced by computers. Funny though, people place more emphasis on it these days, it's quite ironic. (think of schools: children by elementary grades usually say they are very creative, but after 6th or 7th grade, they will not be so oriented anymore; because schools place emphasis on left brain activities). Geometry, for example, is a right brain activity because you need to understand and imagine the "purpose" and "ratios" of different shapes. Or to solve problems (e.g 'viewing frustum in 3D graphics') you have to be creative and approximate the true 'eye-vision' with something that is fast enough -- thus right brain activity.

Of course a genius has both sides equally emphasized.

Don't forget Einstein's words: "Imagination is more important than knowledge"

vid wrote:
Good question, I hope to find more references to experiments. If right side is even able to hear and understand, left side could "talk" to right side.
That's exactly what puzzled me Confused

vid wrote:
This claim is testable. If immaterial soul affected material brain, we would be able to detect breach of materialistic determinism.
Not necessarily because the 'transmitter' is hidden, like government conspiracies that are very hard to unveil Wink

Artlav wrote:
The problem is that we know nothing on the potential "structure" of the soul, so there could be easily made any theory to explain the AA condition
It has no 'physical' structure (so to speak). Actually I know most are getting tired of 'spiritual' stuff, but let me put this differently. It has no 3D structure, simply put, it is not in this 3-space. It is made of time, however. It does not take up any 'space' because when we speak of space, we mean in this 3D world. Otherwise, of course it takes up dimensions, but not on this plane.

There you go, a more mathematically explanation for 'spiritualness' Smile

Artlav wrote:
There is hardly anything proven on the soul/matter theories arena, and there probably will be no research and attempts to understand the nature of the soul until the A.I. limits will be found - if the intelligence is indeed a separate physical process invoked and controlled by brain structure and activity, then no computer will ever reach human level. Otherwise, once the computer, capable to totally reproduce wide and every kind of human intelligence is made, the soul theory will be disproved.
Not necessarily. First thing is that intelligence has nothing to do with spiritualness. For one, if the A.I.s will be like the "Terminator", then they don't have any personality at all. However if they're like the Steven Spielberg's "A.I", then they will resemble personalities and emotions.

But the soul need not necessarily be a religious one (with Heaven and Hell).

Further, the 'spirit' is the thing that even some religions acknowledge what I'm going to say (but I'll use the 'soul' term). It doesn't have to be born only in humans, but in all living beings. And maybe it'll be born in AIs as well, depending of course if we will ever build one and turns out with a personality/emotions.

Of course I'm only speculating, but 'spirit' is already said to be found in living beings as well. The difference is hard to make (between soul and spirit) as it is different from opinions and religions. But at least we can agree that the terms don't matter, but what they represent. Heck you can even call it banana for all I care Wink
Post 04 May 2008, 13:12
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