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The Bible was written during an entire millennium by probably hundreds of different people who were surely influenced by Middle Eastern and North African polytheist civilizations.
These parts could've been added or modified later to suit the monotheist views of the last writers of the bible or could've been nothing more than errors of translation which the "modern" versions are full of.
Baal (which simply means lord or master) was in some mythologies a sky god that could be compared to the Sumerian Anu or the Hebrew YHVH. Sometimes he's son of El, sometimes he's El himself. So his identification with the Hebrew God was very normal for the early Hebrews. His cult was indeed very important and widespread in the Levantine beliefs until he was demonized under the name of Baal Zevuv (Lord of the Flies) that you may better know as Belzebuth, one of the numerous names of Satan himself.
Post 04 May 2008, 11:37
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tom tobias

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tom tobias
"Gabriel's Revelation"
Turns out, there was another chap, living a few years before Jesus of Nazareth, who arose from the dead, three days after being buried.....
here's some information about Qumran
Post 08 Jul 2008, 10:32
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Verbosity in development

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tom: Interpretation of Gabriel Tablet as ressurection after three days is not sure yet. It is just one of more possible interpretations, so you should keep proper dose of skepticism even when you like the conclusion.

I too think that ressurection interpretation is most likely correct and shows customs of contemporary jewish sect that eventually evolved into christianity, but i think to be honest you need to inform people that it is not established fact yet. There are countless such parallels and precursor ideas later modified by christians, this is nothing extraordinary, so that we need to overexagerate it.

Also, I don't see reason to connect this to Dead Sea Scrolls... that's bit like posting news about emperor Nero, and placing together with it another link about Caesar. If you want somehting from Dead Sea Scrolls that actually has something to do with ressurection, study about 4Q521. There was even one Ras Shamra text (2000BC Ugaritic mythology, that was source of some Genesis material), which can be interpreted as ressurection after three days - sorry, can't remember any details now.
Post 08 Jul 2008, 15:44
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