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I was planning on getting to know assembly on Windows first, but I just can't get past the fact that whenever I look at linux, everything is just... better...

So, I got pretty far on a trial-and-error/Google technique, and succeeded in finding out how fun it is to install programs for which there are no online repositories, but when I got to Asmmgr this happened:

keantoken@kaenori:~$ cd /usr/include/AsmMgr
keantoken@kaenori:/usr/include/AsmMgr$ sudo make install
installing asmmgr in /usr/bin
install: cannot stat `asmmgr': No such file or directory
installing  support programs at /usr/share/asmmgr

BTW, I'm planning on programming an entirely stand-alone (has its own boot sector and everything) game in assembly whenever I get all my ducks in a row, and I was wondering if it was appropriate if I posted in the MenuetOS forum to get some tips on that from those who are experienced with things like that. A short answer will suffice, I don't want everyone to get extracted from the main topic, which is my reason for posting. EDIT: Duh, there's an OS dev forum, I should've realized earlier Razz

EDIT: Maybe this is a dumb question, but what's up with the strange highlighting of the slashes in the code section?

Post 20 Mar 2008, 14:48
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