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Joined: 25 Mar 2007
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Uncork the champagne! Or wait, but it doesn't really matter.

I'd like to say that w00t-OS is born and can do fuck all, but we're working on it.

The goal for now is to enter protected mode and have some functions ready for putting strings, grabbing input data from the keyboard, very basic stuf. Putting strings is already done, we can also output any base number on to the screen (up to base 36 is quite readable) might not be the fastest function, but it's really flexible! We can also grab chars from the keyboard, but this is done through interrupts and therefore (?) really slow.

Things to do:
Getting into Pmode.
What's that A20 thing everyone's talking about?
Taking over the interrupt table.
Get input from the keyboard without interrupts.
Writing a kernel I guess...

Now we have a bootloader that's able to read from raw disks. Our stage 2 works, meaning it can read beyond 512 gates and transfer control to it. Any help in the form of links is greatly appreciated, and we aren't looking for people.

Oh, we also set up a online version of HelpPC, http://helppc.bosbyte.nl. It was convenient to do this because on Vista NTVDM crashes like.. always, and on Win XP x64 16 bit support is dropped as well.

This thread is just for posting news about the progress we make and maybe some useful link gathering. We already have the standard links to osdev(er) and geezer's "Writing your own OS" pages. All really useful, but maybe some of you know just the right page for the problem.

Hahaha, really shitty start post. Owell.

By the way, our project is hosted here:


We're still trying to figure out how SVN works and what it actually does. First we wanted to upload stuff to our own webserver and use that as a shared folder, but this' better I guess.. Well, when we know how it works.
Post 02 Mar 2008, 15:31
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Joined: 25 Mar 2007
Posts: 52
Hey guys, a quick morning update, we got into pmode with 170 bytes (thanks to edfed and tons of resources on the net). The A20 thing was.. errr.. skipped. It just works without that code. Maybe it's Bochs tho, but it's a matter of copy and pasting some A20 enabling code.

Learned a lot this week, next will be learning a bit MMX/SSE for copying memory from a to b and setting memory as well? Dunno if we can use MMX/SSE for that, probably is possible.

So we're into pmode and figuring out where our bootloader ends and kernel starts. Best to check where other bootloaders stop I guess...

Schoolbell rings >_>
Post 10 Mar 2008, 08:29
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