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Randall Hyde

Joined: 03 Dec 2003
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Randall Hyde
ronware wrote:
I am interested in writing code which will compile for Windows as well as Linux.

Does anyone have experience doing this with FASM? Any hints appreciated.

Well, HLA (High-Level Assembler) programs do this naturally Smile

The good news is that this is achieved via the HLA Standard Library and not via something that is particular to the HLA assembler. And the even better news is that the HLA Standard Library has been "ported" for use by FASM users (see http://webster.cs.ucr.edu). In theory, you could write a FASM program under Windows that links in the HLA Standard Library routines you need and then carry that program over to Linux, reassemble it over there and link with the Linux version of the HLA Standard Library and, voila, you're in business.

The only catch to this whole theory is that the FASM include files for the HLA Standard Library need to be ported over to Linux (there are, undoubtely, some minor changes that will need to be made).
Randy Hyde
Post 16 Jan 2004, 18:11
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