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JohnFound 06 Feb 2004, 20:09
So, let say my opinion about libraries. Actually I never liked the link process. And I ever use assemblers that can make directly executable files. Well, I think it is because of Merlin assembler (Randall you know it) on old Apple II computers. When you are used to IDE assembler on computer with 1MHz CPU, how to be agree when someone tell you that you have to compile TWICE and from the console on 500Mhz machine. Very Happy
That is the reason I like FASM at first sight and this is the reason why I am trying to create Fresh using only source-level libraries. I think I can prove that they have the same advantages like precompiled libraries and not their disadvantages. Actually two stages compilation is invented on the old big mainframes machines not before 30years, but maybe before 50 years. Simply because they was too slow to recompile whole program at once for reasonable time.

pelaillo wrote:
Other example is the libraries in Fresh: growing and evolving as they are needed. If more projects use them, they will become smarter, better.

Well, I hope so. For now the most consistent of these libraries is StrLib, that, I hope, with Decard's documentation will be helpfull for the people because the strings processing is one of the weak sides of assembly programming. (compared with other aspects of assembler, not with HLL Wink )

Actually we are biased by C and existing OSes but I think assembly is more than that. We need to take advantage of it and superseed the coding style invented 30 years ago Smile

I can only to repead above with the difference that I never wrote even one line of source on C. Very Happy

Post 06 Feb 2004, 20:09
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Bitdog 10 Feb 2004, 04:22
Maybe a good place to start is an INCLUDE FILE REPOSITORY
Submit your favorite include files to an (overseerer guy thingie)
They get a rateing..........(of some kind)
Users down load the READoffLINEincBESTof.ZIP
any way the end result might be that, with every one voting with their feet
by downloading or rateing or something like that,
a std lib (include file group or groups) would evolve real quickly.

I'll donate all my BEST OF include files immediately, if there is a place to donate to.
My hopes would be that others will do the same,
so I can benifit from their BEST OF program parts include files
and make my own BEST OF library.
Which makes asm a higher level language
while keeping the well loved low level part intact.

It's just some thoughts anyway.
Post 10 Feb 2004, 04:22
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