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SomeoneNew 05 Dec 2007, 10:00
Has anyone ported the WINTAB library?, it's for digitalization devices (tablets, pens, etc).

Wintab(tm) Programmer's Kit V. 1.26 for 16- and 32-bit Windows APIs.

I got my SDK from Wacom, but... so far I only managed to ruin the tablet's main instance by claiming one of my own and never freeing it :p (so yah, I had to reboot windows to regain tablet control, believe it or not...)

Theres a small example called PRSTEST.C which they included in the SDK, the test shows you how to get the X, Y coordinates, the pressure level and also events such as DOWN and UP (if you press hard enough, a click event is fired by the driver). However I couldn't port it because it's a little obscure to me, It's not clear whether they have the tablet instance as a global or WTH! because it's old obscured plain c which I'm bad at...

So I was wondering, are there any porting tools available for FASM or the likes?, because porting the headers is going to be a hell of a task! (lots and lots of constants, preprocessor driven structure definitions, etc)

I have only ported what I needed, just a few consts and a few functions; I'm getting an instance but I only receive 1 packet from the driver, it then dies... (no more packets)

It's also message-based (inside the window callback) and uses integer based arithmetics... it's a real pain in the arse to work with so far!

If all goes wrong; Does anyone know of a better standard / library ?


Im new, sorry if I bothered with any stupid question Smile
Post 05 Dec 2007, 10:00
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kohlrak 05 Dec 2007, 11:18
I wish, but no. There are no "porting tools" that i know of for fasm.
Post 05 Dec 2007, 11:18
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