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edfed 09 Dec 2007, 02:13
a file system that take care of the RM/PM segmentation and the PM paging for storing datas.
something that take care of the ram usage.
and not frozen.
the file system must leave the most liberty as possible.
the machine can be seen as a big µP
the X86 platform(, mother board, disks, file system, drivers, teapot,...) is in fact a big micro-processor.
the central processor is the X86
the peripherals are controled by the µP, with various commands( languages ).
as the X86 is the master, all will be focused on the X86
the applications will become a simple program, the INT table will give acces to various system functions ( up to 256*256 = 65536 functions)...
functions can be changed
or only the idt register, IDTR
if IDTR is changed, with agreement of the central process (process ... processor...? ), and system int descriptor are set by os, the other are set by application.
so , we need a very easy way to know which function is loaded, how to load it, etc...
just an idea like an other...

but other things are possible, don't forget it while coding.
Post 09 Dec 2007, 02:13
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