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Post your example of metaprogramming!
And let's talk how it can be usefull.

My example is Tcl, which is my favorite HLL! Smile

proc makeTemplate {procname templatename parmlist} {
     set arg  [info args $templatename]
     set body [info body $templatename]

     foreach {a b} $parmlist {
         regsub -all $a $body $b body
     eval "proc $procname {$arg} {$body}"

 proc FooTemplate {a b} {
     puts "MSG1"
     puts "hello, $a, $b"
     puts "MSG2"

 makeTemplate foo1 FooTemplate {MSG1 "hello world!" MSG2 "goodbye!"}
 makeTemplate foo2 FooTemplate {MSG1 "hi!" MSG2 "bye!"}

 foo1 mom dad
 foo2 breathren cistern

Tcl also supports these things:
set a 2
set b 3
set $a$b 5
# The variable 23 now holds the 5 value
# Yes! Tcl variables can be anything, even numbers and symbols!
puts $23

Tcl also has the rename command, so you can rename the if command to tcl_if for example.
And define your own proc if that does something else and call tcl_if! Laughing
It's like a macro programming language.

Pretty nice!
I've heard Lisp does metaprogramming too!
Can anyone confirme this?
Also, can self-modifying executable code be considered metaprogramming?

Post your examples!
Even ASM examples!

Have fun! Smile

If you want to know more about Tcl let me know, so I post more examples and links.
Post 07 Sep 2007, 18:07
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