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daluca 23 Jul 2007, 19:57
well not quite:
these two macros are really overlays of the library and import macros
but they are easier to type and they allow a new sintax for invoking
imported functions:

the first macro is called 'librarys' and it takes as parameters the list
of dll from which you want to import the functions,they must be typed
exactly as the name of the dll but without the quotes an the '.dll'

        librarys kernel32,msvcrt,user32


the second macro is called 'from' and it takes first the name of the dll(same as it was
declared in the above macro) and pairs of arguments: the first one is the name of the
function (exactly as exported by the dll) and the second one of the symbols:
std or c to specify the calling convention:


       from msvcrt,printf,c
        from kernel32,ExitProcess,std\                              ,GetCommandLineA,std
   from user32,MessageBoxA,std\


the names of the functions are defined as labels in the import section
but they will get also defined as macros.
macros that just call the invoke or cinvoke macros(acording to the std or c specification
that was made in the 'from' macro)passing the parameters that are passed to them.
these macros are defined to take only one parameter, that is why they must be used with < and > like:





these macros won't interfere with the invoke or cinvoke macros,you can mix the calls
in the same sorce like:

                       invoke MessageBoxA,0,mes1,title1,MB_OK


there is only 2 things:
if you use the extended header (win32ax) and you want to use the capability
to invoke functions inside other functios you must use invoke or cinvoke.


 MessageBoxA<0,<invoke GetCommandLineA>,title1,MB_OK>


although there is a defined macro GetCommandLineA that you can use simply typing:



it won't work inside other macro,that is why you must use invoke.

since macros can't be forward referenced the import data or import section must be placed
at the very beginning of the source.

the source for the macros:


lib_list equ
macro append item
    match any,lib_list\{ lib_list equ lib_list,item\}
       match ,lib_list \{ lib_list equ item\}

macro librarys [lib_names]
    append lib_names
    append `lib_names#'.dll'
     match params, lib_list \{library params\}
       lib_list equ
macro make_stdmac name
   macro name args
    invoke name,args

macro make_cmac name
   macro name args
    cinvoke name,args
   \}        ;_#name

macro from dllname,[function,conv]

    append dllname
    append function
    append `function
    match params, lib_list \{import params\}
     lib_list equ
 match =std,conv
           make_stdmac function
 match =c,conv
            make_cmac function


if you save that source to a file 'libs.inc' here is a translation to the new syntax
of the beer example:


; Beer - example of tiny (one section) Win32 program

format PE GUI 4.0

include 'win32a.inc'
include 'libs.inc'

; no section defined - fasm will automatically create .flat section for both
; code and data, and set entry point at the beginning of this section

  entry start  ;since we put import data at the beginning
                  ;we must specify entry poit

; import data in the same section

data import

 librarys kernel32,user32,winmm

 from kernel32,\

 from user32,\

 from winmm,\

end data
        cmp     eax,IDYES
           jne     exit



_message db 'Do you need additional place for the beer?',0
_caption db 'Desktop configuration',0

_cmd_open db 'open cdaudio',0
_cmd_eject db 'set cdaudio door open',0
_cmd_close db 'close cdaudio',0


new calling conventions can be added,just inserting other match sections:


   match =c,conv
            make_cmac function


replacing =c with other identifier like =pas and providing another make_mac macro.

well what do you think?
Post 23 Jul 2007, 19:57
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Verbosity in development

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vid 23 Jul 2007, 20:00
well what do you think?

i think it's good as a macrosyntax training, but there is not practical usage for that
Post 23 Jul 2007, 20:00
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hopcode 13 Jul 2008, 12:06
daluca wrote:
well what do you think?

Hallo daluca, Thanx for sharing.I find it an excellent idea!
It cuts on the number of lines to write relative
to Programs/Apps with always the same Header/Incs/Libs.

I have used it (lighltly modified) here
for Macros to create Windows.

the idea is:
- reduce annoying repeated lines
- create .idata section
- include libs
- include .inc files
- exlude those .inc files related to manually imported functions
written from the programmer (:MANUAL)

Post 13 Jul 2008, 12:06
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