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revolution 30 May 2008, 12:16
BigVent wrote:
That my friend is why you are a guru & and I am but a newb. Very Happy I tried to implement some code... and it does not work.
Huh, I'm no guru, but I will try to help if I can
BigVent wrote:
I left the code the same from Calpol2004's post because I cannot broadcast my username & password to the world. No offense...

I have changed my https:// site in my actual app... that will pull up the server logon.

Please help!!! I know this would take you like 5 minutes to do since you are ubah.
Well, I can't test you code, since I don't have all the necessary bits to test with. So that kinda makes it difficult. I've quickly made a few minor tweaks to the code you posted. i have no idea if it works or not, but the purpose is so that you can compare to your version and see what is changed and hopefully understand a little more and work towards getting a working version.
format PE GUI 4.0
entry start
Include 'win32a.inc'

;    Data Section       ;

section '.data' data readable writeable
_title db 'Basic Web Browser By Calpol2004',0
_class db 'MyWindowClass',0
browserclassname db 'AtlAxWin',0                      ;class name of browser control
browserhome      db 'http://www.google.com',0        ;page to go to
msg MSG
edithwnd dd ?
client RECT
; extra code added to Calpol2004's  ;;

StrToSend db 'text to send',0

push ebp
mov ebp,esp

push [edithwnd]
call [SetForegroundWindow]

push StrToSend
call SendKeys

mov esp,ebp
pop ebp
ret 0

.theStr equ ebp-8
  push ebp
  mov ebp,esp
  push esi
  mov esi, [.theStr]
  cmp byte[esi],0
  je .AllDone
  movzx eax,byte[esi]
  invoke MapVirtualKey,eax,0
  push eax ;save it for 2nd call

  push 0 ;extra info
  push 0 ;flag
  push 0 ;key ScanCode
  push eax ;Virtual Keycode using ASCII
  call [keybd_event]
  pop eax ;get saved VK code
  push 0 ;extra info
  push KEYEVENTF_KEYUP ;flags for key UP
  push 0 ;scan code
  push eax ;VK Code
  call [keybd_event]

  add esi,1
  jmp .LoopToNull
  pop esi
  mov esp,ebp
  pop ebp
  ret 4

;;;;end of added code;;;;;;;;;;

;             Start               ;

section '.code' code readable executable
invoke  GetModuleHandle,0
mov     [wc.hInstance],eax
invoke  LoadIcon,0,IDI_APPLICATION
mov     [wc.hIcon],eax
invoke  LoadCursor,0,IDC_ARROW
mov     [wc.hCursor],eax
invoke  RegisterClass,wc
invoke  CreateWindowEx,0,_class,_title,WS_VISIBLE+WS_SYSMENU+WS_MAXIMIZEBOX+WS_MINIMIZEBOX+WS_SIZEBOX,50,30,700,500,NULL,NULL,[wc.hInstance],NULL
invoke  GetMessage,msg,NULL,0,0
or      eax,eax
jz      end_loop
invoke  TranslateMessage,msg
invoke  DispatchMessage,msg
jmp     msg_loop
invoke  ExitProcess,[msg.wParam]
;end message loop

;        Window Procedure           ;

proc WindowProc hwnd,wmsg,wparam,lparam
push    ebx esi edi
cmp     [wmsg],WM_CLOSE
je      wmclose
cmp     [wmsg],WM_DESTROY
je      wmdestroy
cmp     [wmsg],WM_CREATE
je      wmcreate
cmp     [wmsg],WM_SIZE
je      wmsize
cmp     [wmsg],WM_KEYDOWN
je      wmkeydown
invoke  DefWindowProc,[hwnd],[wmsg],[wparam],[lparam]
jmp     finish
                invoke  PostQuitMessage,0
                xor     eax,eax
        jmp     finish

                invoke  DestroyWindow,[hwnd]
        jmp     finish
                invoke  AtlAxWinInit         ;make class available
                invoke  GetClientRect,[hwnd],client      ;get size of window so browser control is set to the same size
                invoke  GetModuleHandle,0
                invoke  CreateWindowEx,WS_EX_CLIENTEDGE,browserclassname,browserhome,WS_CHILD+WS_VISIBLE+WS_VSCROLL+WS_HSCROLL,[client.left],[client.top],[client.right],[client.bottom],[hwnd],eax,0
                mov     [edithwnd],eax          ;hwnd returned by CreateWindowEx is moved onto edithwnd variable as its a parameter for MoveWindow()
        jmp     finish
                invoke  GetClientRect,[hwnd],client       ;re-retrieve the window size
                invoke  MoveWindow,[edithwnd],[client.left],[client.top],[client.right],[client.bottom],TRUE        ;adjust size of control
        jmp     finish
              call    ..Start
        jmp     finish
pop     edi esi ebx
;end of window procedure

;       Import Data           ;

section '.idata' import data readable writeable
library kernel32,'KERNEL32.DLL',user32,'USER32.DLL',atl,'ATL.dll'
include 'api\kernel32.inc'
include 'api\user32.inc'
import  atl,AtlAxWinInit,'AtlAxWinInit'
;end of imports    
Post 30 May 2008, 12:16
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BigVent 30 May 2008, 15:20
I finally got this to work!!! W00t!!! Thanks bitRAKE for the site & thank you revolution for your insight!

Post 30 May 2008, 15:20
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