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Joined: 12 Jul 2007
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g-gabber 12 Jul 2007, 16:43
The OpenProject_t x64 (freetask) is Real Time (not yet) Task Manager like Process Explorer by Mark Russinovich, was designed to get(change) easy information by any process in system, to find adware or virusses.
This is my project with open source code writen in fasm, evry one can change the source, please write me!
This is only ALPHA(0.7.0) release. Was tested in XP x64.

Why my Task Manager is Better, for example,
try to copy calc.exe to C:\, than start stat calc.exe, after this rename calc.exe to 123.exe, and take a look in my programm and in takmgr or procexp64.

Sorry for my bad English!

Description: Source + Exe ver(0.7.0)
Filename: freetask OpenProject_t x64.rar
Filesize: 28.93 KB
Downloaded: 723 Time(s)

Post 12 Jul 2007, 16:43
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