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I'm here to talk about this very cool Linux distribution called Arch Linux!

First I installed the BASE ISO. This ISO comes with the text mode setup (very easy to follow) that installs the base system without the GUI and the applications. It just installs the console, the kernel and the tools needed to setup an internet connection and download the packages.
I don't know about others, but my PPPoE connection was easy: pppoe-setup, pppoe-start.

After installing the base, you can reboot your new system. Please look at the wiki for instructions on how to install it.
The first thing you should do is

pacman -Sy

This will update the packages list. The y means "update the list".
And then do

pacman -S pacman

It will update pacman itself. The syntax is pacman -S package_name_to_install

And update the distro:

pacman -Su

Note: If pacman DOESN'T upgrade the system, you can force it: pacman -Suf.
It should be safe now to do it.

You could however have used all of these in a single command! Very Happy

pacman -Syu pacman

Now you can check if sudo is already installed and install it:

pacman -S sudo

Now create an user account. So you do not need to use the root.

useradd -m -s /bin/bash your_user_name
passwd your_user_name

And type "logout" to logout and then login on your new user.

Now install xorg:

sudo pacman -S xorg

And then you can let it probe your X settings with hwd:

sudo pacman -S hwd
hwd -xa

And download a Window Manger or Desktop Environment. I like XFCE, which is light and cool:

sudo pacman -S xfce4 xfce4-goodies

You could now donwload your video card driver. I use NVIDIA:

sudo pacman -S nvidia

Note I didn't installed GDM for graphical login, because I like login in console . If everything fails I still have the console quickly. But you could download it and set run level to 5. (see the tutorial below)

Now install the applications:

pacman -S firefox
pacman -S xmms
pacman -S gaim

and so on...
Get whatever you like.
There's also KDEmod, a very nice KDE modification for Arch Linux for the KDE fans. Google for it!

1) Arch Linux is not hard to install once you read the docs. I wouldn't recommend it to newbies though. Although I learned more about Linux in the last week with Arch than with 1 month of Ubuntu.

2) Arch Linux BASE is small (~ 100mb) and allows you to install just what you need.

3) Arch is stable, fast and i686 or x86-64 optimized.

4) Pacman is really nice package management. You don't need to get pain by recompiling things to get a fast OS or installing required libs by hand.

5) Arch Linux's docs are easy to follow, the community is helpfull, the repositories are enought and growing.

1) You can't be lazy. Just read the docs and edit that text files! Sometimes it gets boring, but as you learn it gets better.

That's all.

www.archlinux.org - Main page. Also see the wiki.
http://abhay-techzone.blogspot.com/2007/06/arch-voodoo-install.html - The tutorial that got me to install Arch correctly.

I hope you like my small introduction.
Feel free to ask something, if I know about it I can answer.
And spread the word! Arch rocks!
I even installed beryl on it and it runs pretty fast!

Have fun! Razz

Wicked humor: I told my friend about pacman and he said: "You should do

arkanoid -S

Post 06 Jul 2007, 22:24
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