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kohlrak 22 Apr 2007, 00:41
Personally, i wish i didn't have to use a resource file for this, since i havn't a clue how to use those ugly looking things, but i can't figure out how to make a menu item otherwise. Now, i tried to edit this resource section, but apparently i don't know what i'm doing... Something's generating an error message here (so it won't assemble). Could some one take a look at it for me..?

section '.rsrc' resource data readable
     directory RT_MENU,appMenu

     resource  appMenu,\

     menu menuMain
          menuitem  'MenuBar A',0x10,MFR_POPUP
          menuitem       'MenuBar A -> MenuItem A',0x11,MFT_STRING
          menuitem       'MenuBar A -> MenuItem B',0x12,MFT_STRING
          menuitem       'MenuBar A -> MenuItem C',0x13,MFR_END
          menuitem       'MenuBar A -> MenuItem D',0x14,MFR_END
          menuitem  'MenuBar B',0x020,MFR_POPUP
          menuitem       'MenuBar B -> MenuItem A',0x21,MFR_END
          menuitem       'MenuBar B -> MenuItem B',0x22,MFR_END
          menuitem  'MenuBar C (Without Item)',0x30,MFR_END       

Thanks in advance.

EDIT: Never mind, sorted out... I hate these unexplained naming conventions. Oh well, at least i have this one working. Not sure how you branch of menu items, but that's not important at this point.
Post 22 Apr 2007, 00:41
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