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DOS386 05 Jun 2007, 01:34
Dex4u wrote:

Cool and good luck, my "wikipedia" for DexOS was started about 2 -3 years ago, by someone, it was fine untill we change the name from "Dex4u" to "DexOS" and ever since, we have had notices about not enough links on google, you tell them you change the name so you should google Dex4u and its OK for a month or two, this time we did not bother and about 2 days ago they deleted the DexOS page, all i can say is, they make bill gates look like a monk.

I'm highly missamused by this arrogant act from Wiki censors Sad

Google cache wrote:


Screenshot of DexOS running Space Pong in its GUI.

DexOS, Dex being short for DOS Extreme, is a free operating system for
32-bit x86 computers. It is written in pure assembly language using the
FASM (flat assembler) compiler. DexOS runs in protected mode.
Development is led by Craig Bamford and various members of the DexOS

DexOS is designed to be like a modern DOS. To be single-tasking, have a
command line interface, but it also has a graphical user interface. It
is capable of loading modules such as sound drivers.

DexOS has some built in commands, such as TIME, DATE, MORE (text
viewer), HELP and RUN. To run programs, it is optional to use RUN and
the .dex extension.

DexOS has some network capabilities such as running a HTTP server.

A port to the ARM architecture (to run on the GP2X) is in progress.

* 1 History
* 2 Programming
* 3 Programs
* 4 License and source
* 5 See also
* 6 External links


DexOS started as a new version/rebirth of V2_OS, under the name V3OS.
DexOS moves in the direction of pre-0.70 versions of V2_OS while the
current V2_OS project has spoken of (yet hasn't started) adding things
such as multitasking.

DexOS has grown much since the time when it was called V3OS (a new
V2_OS), and is a completely stand-alone system with no current
connection to V2_OS. It has support for many things never seen in V2_OS
and networking is on the way.

DexOS is incompatible with V2_OS. They use different assemblers. DexOS
programs don't work on V2_OS or vice-versa.

DexOS was previously known as Dex4u.


Developers can program for DexOS using the assembler language. The FASM
port and Tex4u (text editor) allow developers to use DexOS for
development. Thanks to Solidus, a C library for Dex4u has been made.


DexOS runs programs designed for it with the .dex (CLI) or .gex (GUI)
extensions. Some examples of programs are:

* RetroForth4u (a port of RetroForth) * Space Pong (a 2 player pong game
for both CLI and GUI) * Tex4u (text editor) * FASM port

License and source

DexOS does not have a license yet. But the founders are now researching
a license that puts the founding members into a "(c) owners" license,
and anyone contributing code also is joined into the same license.

The source previously was available. Now, the only way to get it is to
request it using the forum. The source is distributed this way as the
main developer only wants people that will help with DexOS to have the

See also

* Osdev

Other Assembly Operating Systems:

* KolibriOS
* MenuetOS
* OctaOS
* V2 OS

External links

* DexOS Website
* DexOS Forum
* DexOS Wiki

Categories: Free software operating systems | Operating systems |
FloppyOS Views

* Fran├žais

* This page was last modified 02:15, 1 May 2007.

Retrieved from "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DexOS"

Yeah ... used to be in the Wiki discussion (deleted just some hours ago, I've seen it ... few minutes later it was no longer Sad )

very unfair accusations about DexOS:

"not free" - by some FSF's fanatics with their absolute definition of "free" software - the software must be free, they pay much for the quad-core CPU's and > 1 TiB HD's required for their "free" Loonix

"no multitasking" - is it bad ??? Sad Loonix lacks single-tasking Smile


Other non-Wiki issues:

Is DexOS under development ? Would be nice to have the problems and lacks fixed:

- Full HD support, all partitions, FAT32, FAT16, FAT12, FAT+
- Install on HD like 16-bit DOSes do, METAKERN compatible


Allow stubbed MZ-DEX executables. Why ? To be able to create dual-mode
(standard DOS and DexOS) or triple-mode (additionally Win32/PE) executables.

- Check positions 5...8 for "DEX1" -> found ? -> load and run it
- if no, check for "MZ" -> no "MZ" -> reject the file
- if "MZ" present and filesize > $100 bytes, pick 32-bit number at positions $38..$3B -> second "DEX1" chance
- Is the new position >$100 and <(filesize-$100) -> recheck for "DEX1" there -> and load if found Wink

Intentionally suggesting $38 for "DEX1" ... $3C is for "PE" Wink

Bug Nr.: 12345

Title: Hello World program compiles to 100 KB !!!

Status: Closed: NOT a Bug
Post 05 Jun 2007, 01:34
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Dex4u 08 Jun 2007, 04:52
First thanks for your support NTOSKRNL_VXE Smile.
As for "Other non-Wiki issues:"
We now have support for all these file sys:
FAT32, FAT16, FAT12.
And you can install it on a fat16 hdd drive, as DexOS users "bootprog" for boot loader
see here: http://alexfru.chat.ru/epm.html#bootprog
And thank for your Suggestion.
There is a demo program that can load a PE file into DexOS, so it only needs adding to kernel.
But to answer your main ? "Is DexOS under development ?", It's going to be released under GPL and its up to other coders to take it further, as i have taken it up to a stage where it use able for what i need it for.
So unless any projects, i am working on needs, something adding to it, i will not be add much more to kernel (i will be adding "FASMLIB" support).
Post 08 Jun 2007, 04:52
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