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vid 22 Mar 2007, 01:47
Hi, I found interesting problem: You can't use idata inside another idata. In my case i am creating string table with multiple usage of macro (not one with multiple argument).

Problem can be reduced to following.
macro idata arg
  __IData equ __IData,   ;add one ',' to __IData, initial "__IData" before ','s will be used to call macro
  macro __IDataBlock     ;begin macro (or overload old one) which holds data inside "idata" block

;include all "idata"-defined blocks
macro IncludeIData
  macro __IData dummy,[n]  ;create macro which will be invoked, [n] makes sure macro's forward will
  \{                       ;be preprocessed for each ',' added to __IData
       align 4
       __IDataBlock        ;use the macro with data
       purge __IDataBlock  ;and remove it so previous macro becomes avilable
  match I, __IData \{ I \} ;and now unroll __IData macro (just "__IData" wouldn't do, replaced equate isn't
                           ;preprocessed anymore and so it wouldn't beheave as macro usage)
  purge __IData            ;__Idata macro is not needed anymore

  dd _name
  idata \{
    _name db 'jerry lee lewis',0
  dd _name2
  idata \{
    _name2 db 'freddie fingers lee',0

I want to get something like this:
dd _name
dd _name2
_name db "jerry lee lewis"
_name2 db "freddie fingers lee"    
Post 22 Mar 2007, 01:47
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