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Joined: 14 Mar 2004
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Embrance 23 Feb 2007, 11:41
Is it possible to make some routines that would load & display an image on the screen and be platform independent?

What i want to do:
Load an image file
Display image file
Be able to click and select it,and then by pointing with the mouse for it to move there.

My first concern is how to load & display the image and it SHOULD be platform independent so it would work on Linux & Win as well.
Also,I;d like to ask,how hard would it be to make some basic drawing routines(like CreateBox position.y,position.x,fillcolour)

I want to make something like a strategy game demo. Just for experimenting.
Post 23 Feb 2007, 11:41
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Chewy509 26 Feb 2007, 01:19
To make something platform independent eg able to run on Windows, Linux/*nix, QNX etc will require the use of 3rd party toolkits and libraries OR you code your own wrapper libraries around the native APIs for the OSes.

For OS related stuff, then libc should give you enough functionality, and for graphics OpenGL would be a good choice. OpenAL should be sufficient for audio as it's available on quite a few platforms.

If you don't mind using more generic high level libraries, then SDL (http://www.libsdl.org/) would cover all your needs as it already has all the basic primitives available for gfx, sound, etc.

For generic GUI applications, then something like GTK+ or QT would prove adequate.
Post 26 Feb 2007, 01:19
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