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scientica 25 Jan 2007, 14:58
HOWTO: fasm ebuild
currently maintined by scientica, please post bugs, suggestions or comments regarding the ebuild here.

This HOWTO is intended for gentoo users who want to add fasm to the list of what's emergable. Smile

For the time beeing the probablillity of getting the fasm ebuild in to the portage is, well, unlikely. But luckily for us who use gentoo we can use portage overlays to still be abel to use emerge to get fasm.
If you're familiar with gentoo overlays you can safely skip the first part, you might want to read up on the USE-flags section before downloading the ebuild and emerging.

Portage overlay
I will not explain the details of an portage overlay nor portage it self, for that I refer to the gentoo docs (HOWTO: Installing 3rd Party Ebuilds).
Following these steps will create an overlay in /usr/local/portage. You'll probably need to be root to do most of these steps.
  1. Download the attached file, save it somewhere (/tmp is good if you're not sure where to put it).
  2. run "mkdir -p /usr/local/portage/dev-lang/" to create the needed dirs. Then cd to it ("cd /usr/local/portage/dev-lang/").
  3. now, we're gonna extract the goodies (namley the ebuild, digest, maifest and two optional patches), type:
    tar xvfj /path/to/the/downloaded/attachment/fasm-overlay.tbz2    
  4. Now we're almost done. Fire up your favourite text editor and open /etc/make.conf . Add the following line to the file:

    save and exit the editor.
  5. Now you should be ready to rock 'n' roll, type: "emerge -pv fasm" (harmless command, won't do anything but show some text) in a terminal of choice, you'll see a screen looking something like this:
    These are the packages that I would merge, in order:
    Calculating dependencies ...done!
    [ebuild  N    ] dev-lang/fasm-1.67-r18 USE="-fasm_permissions -libc -rebuild" 0 kB [1] 
    Total size of downloads: 0 kB
    Portage overlays:
     [1] /usr/local/portage

    This means the overlay is propperly installed, you can now "emerge fasm" if you wish. But before you do I'd recomend taking a look at the USE flags bellow.

For details on the usage of USE flags in gentoo please see USE flags (Gentoo Handbook).

The following USE flags are defined/used in the ebuild:
  • rebuild will rebuild fasm using it self, requires fasm already to be installed. (and in your $PATH)
  • libc install the unix/libc version of fasm, implies rebuild.
  • no_usr_bin don't create the /usr/bin/fasm -> /opt/fasm/fasm symlink. (if you don't know what this implies you should leave it alone)

Filename: fasm-overlay.tbz2
Filesize: 2.49 KB
Downloaded: 529 Time(s)

... a professor saying: "use this proprietary software to learn computer science" is the same as English professor handing you a copy of Shakespeare and saying: "use this book to learn Shakespeare without opening the book itself.
- Bradley Kuhn

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Post 25 Jan 2007, 14:58
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billium 16 Feb 2007, 15:34
Hello scientica

This works well. I had to chage the size, and encoding sums of fasm-1.67.tgz

Post 16 Feb 2007, 15:34
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vid 16 Feb 2007, 22:12
gonna install soon, thanks.
Post 16 Feb 2007, 22:12
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bszente 20 Mar 2007, 09:30
Hello all,

Thanks scientica for the ebuild. It would be nice to merge it to the official Portage tree. I would like to make a few remarks regarding your ebuild.

I played today a little bit with your ebuild, and I found that in src_unpack() the "|| use ~amd64" is not needed. (Portage gives a warning message otherwise, because the ebuild does not have the ~amd64 keyword.) This should be enough:
if use amd64 ; then
  einfo "Notice: You'll need IA32 emulation support... [text deleted]"

On the other hand wouldn't be better to move the "dodir /usr/bin" into the if, and change "/opt" to "${D}/opt" (as a solution for your 'is this "legal" for ebuilds?' question), like this?
if ! use no_usr_bin ; then
  dodir /usr/bin
  ln -s ${D}/opt/fasm/fasm ${D}/usr/bin/fasm

Adjusting the permissions might not be necessary. I tested the ebuild with those 3 lines commented, and it works well. I personally don't like to have executable permissions on text and source files.

What do you think about these remarks? Please tell me your opinions. Thanks.

Post 20 Mar 2007, 09:30
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