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DOS386 16 Jan 2007, 02:25
I understand now why there's no stable OS in the market

You got it. Idea

If I make a program for example that use the AMD's CPUID instruccion, it won't work on intel's micro

CPUID should be quite standardized since late 80486's. You can use
advanced CPU features after verifying the availability of them with CPUID
(after verifying the availability of CPUID Wink ). It should work well, if you code
and test well ... but for example MPLAYER is broken by now because of
faulty CPU [miss]detection code ... and crashes with "illegal instruction" on
some CPU's Sad

Bug Nr.: 12345

Title: Hello World program compiles to 100 KB !!!

Status: Closed: NOT a Bug
Post 16 Jan 2007, 02:25
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