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tom tobias

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tom tobias
General John Abizaid (Arabic speaking, top USA commander in Iraq), has been compelled to resign, amid reports that he disagreed with Bush's plan to send in another 20k soldiers, to fight the "insurgency":
To date, no one seems to consider a link between this newest proposed Bush folly, and the Israelis, who direct USA foreign policy.
How convenient for the USA to send in new reinforcements to fight Muqtada al-Sadr, (Shiite cleric) at the very moment that the Israelis intend to use nuclear weapons against Iran (world's strongest Shiite military power.)
Do the Europeans, especially the Poles, with troops in Iraq, imagine that an Israel nuclear attack against Iran will NOT lead to chaos and destruction in Europe, including quite certainly, vandalism to the internet backbone, upon which this FASM forum depends? France alone lacks sufficient resolve to retaliate against Israel, as the world observed with their timid repudiation of recent Israeli aggression against Lebanon, France's former colony. Only a determined, unified Europe can prevent this atrocity. If Israel can bomb Iran, without consequence, does one imagine that they will NOT repay Russia, Germany, and Spain for centuries of hospitality? The consequences of an Israeli attack against Iran are potentially profound, and yet, no one seems perturbed. The planet is TOO SMALL to permit regional nuclear confrontations. An Israeli attack against Iran will make both Sarajevo and Pearl Harbor seem like an afternoon stroll along the banks of the Danube. Wasn't it merely ninety years ago that assassination of ONE person led to years of death and destruction, involving dozens of nations, and literally millions of people killing and being killed in response to that one person's death? Can the Europeans not imagine the consequences of an overt act of hostility by European Jews who have emigrated to Israel, against the most volatile people on the planet, the Shia Muslims? Incineration of several hundred thousand Iranian Shia resulting from an Israeli nuclear attack will inevitably lead to horrific tragedy in Europe, particularly in urban centers, such as Krakow, renowned for embracing Jews during the past several centuries.
Post 07 Jan 2007, 22:47
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