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AMD64 30 Nov 2003, 18:59
Here’s an include file for FASM that contains the usual stuff needed for coding KMDs. It was created by converting and merging the MASM incs from Four-F’s KMDKit by hand. There might be something missing/wrong, so be sure to check it, if you have time. Also there are some structure definitions, that don’t have all the substructure’s labels defined, so you might need to expand them, or use the substructure to index the original structure. Sorry, I’m currently too busy to expand them all (although it wouldn’t take that long).

One other thing... The latest FASM pre-release ( sets DllCharacteristicts from the PE-header to 2000h, when format PE DLL native is used. This works for WDMs, but not for KMDs. There should be separate options for KMD and WDM, like maybe “format PE WDM” and “format PE KMD”.

I had a problem with this, when I was working on a KMD with FASM. It worked well, except that I couldn’t unload it Very Happy

I made a temporary fix for my own use, but hope you will correct it soon.

Filename: KMD.zip
Filesize: 68.95 KB
Downloaded: 1162 Time(s)

Post 30 Nov 2003, 18:59
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Tomasz Grysztar

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Tomasz Grysztar 30 Nov 2003, 19:46
OK, I'm adding WDM flag to the new fasm - to be used in the same way as DLL flag (and it should be combined with DLL flag usually).
Post 30 Nov 2003, 19:46
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