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I called the DOS interrupt so many times that it was slowing it down.

I wrote a new binary counting program that is far faster than anything else I've made.

It does call 9 int $21 only once in the program.
Everything else automatically loads bytes into memory
so it prints them all at once!

This has a good and bad side.

The good news is,it's faster than my other programs at printing this.
The bad news is that it consumes a lot more memory.
Because of the 64KB limit,I wouldn't be able to do this very far.
My other program that writes to a file is probably better since
it can actually write to files and is only limited by hard disk space.

However,this is purely meant for speed!

org $100
mov bx,b
xor al,al
xor cl,cl
rol al,1
mov byte[bx],al
and byte[bx],1
or  byte[bx],$30
inc bx
inc cl
cmp cl,8
jne p0
mov byte[bx],$D
inc bx
mov byte[bx],$A
inc bx
inc al
cmp al,0
jne p1
mov byte[bx],$24
mov ah,9
mov dx,b
int $21
b rb $A01

There are 10 kinds of people in the world.
Those who know binary and those who haven't met me.
Post 28 Dec 2006, 20:51
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