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Tomazas 26 Nov 2006, 23:38
I am newbie to assemler and I need advice on loading huge library list. I have around 11 libraries which contains each from 3 to 70 functions which should be done each like this:
lea     eax, aKernel32_dll ; "kernel32.dll"
push    eax
call    ds:LoadLibraryA
push    eax
lea     eax, aKernelFunc ; "HeapAlloc"
mov     eax, [ebp-8] ; Library Name
push    eax
call    ds:GetProcAddress

mov     [ebp-204h],  eax ; Stored local variable, each time different
mov     ecx, [ebp-208h] ; DWORD address to store to
mov     [ecx], eax ; DWORD=Address of function for later use  jmp     ds:dword_16752890

The idea is that Library loaded and the should store a long list of function to different dword_16752F00, next one to dword_16752F04 and etc. Library names are stored in format
0<byte-lenght>0<Funtion name 1 DLL1>0<lenght 2>0<function Name2>0.... <last function name>00000<lenght DLL2 function 1>0<function name 1 DLL2>0<lenght 2 DLL2>0<.......
and etc.
So when end of a list for same DLL library, zero lenght would be return and that should mean time to load a new library and the assign to DWORD each time with 4 bytes difference. When library loaded a one DWORD skipped.
Libraries are not difficult to hardcode but not functions, there is too many.
So probably the idea would be:

push eax; library1
push eax ; library address
push eax; dword start of list functions names=16752FF5
push eax; dword start of variables to store=:16752890
Call LoadAllFunction 
add eax, 8; dword start of list functions names=16752FF5+8
add eax, 4; dword start of variables to store=:16752890
mov eax, offset Library2
;Now repeat this code again 11 times
;DLL names are sored similar as function names just more simple way:
;L____16 bytes_____|______16 bytes___|

Result should look like this:
16752890 dword_16752890;  Address of function 1, DLL1
16752894 dword_16752894;  Address of function 2, DLL1
16752994 dword_16752994;  Address of function 56 (last), DLL1
16752998 =0
1675299B dword_1675299B;  Address of function 1, DLL2

and so on.

Main question: how would code look like for LoadAllFunction?
Thanks for any help
Post 26 Nov 2006, 23:38
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