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r22 26 Nov 2006, 06:36
Say you have a DLL that has a chunk of data in it's data section that you'd like your process (that uses the DLL to have). Just export the data sections address (in the DLL) and import the address in the program (that uses the DLL).

You can always make Get* and Set* methods that return the address to and set the data, but this method seems a little cleaner.

Small Example: This is a PE64 DLL that contains a low level mouse hook. The mouse hook is used to help make randomly generated encyrption keys more random. There's a 16 byte (2x qword) peice of the data section that the process that uses the DLL would like to have.

format PE64 DLL
entry EntryPoint
include '%fasminc%\win64a.inc'

section '.code' code readable executable

        mov     qword[hMod],rcx ;;;instance handle
        mov     eax,TRUE
        ret     0

;;;Input: rcx=nCode rdx=wParm r8=lParm
        mov     rax,[r8] ;;;POINT struct at MSLLHOOKSTRUCT.pt
        sub     rsp,8*8 ;;; set up stack for later api calls
        cmp     edx,WM_MOUSEMOVE ;;;if NOT mousemove event skip logic
        jne     .skip
        add     qword[ForEncKey],rax
        add     qword[ForEncKey+4],rax
        bswap   rax
        sub     qword[ForEncKey+8],rax
        add     dword[ForEncKey+12],eax
        mov     qword[rsp+8*5],rcx
        mov     qword[rsp+8*6],rdx
        ;;;mov     qword[rsp+8*7],r8
        mov     rcx,qword[rsp+8*5]
        mov     rdx,qword[rsp+8*6]
        ;;;mov     r8,qword[rsp+8*7]
        xor     dword[ForEncKey+12],eax
        sub     dword[ForEncKey+8],eax
        xor     dword[ForEncKey+4],eax
        add     dword[ForEncKey],eax
                not            dword[ForEncKey+12]
        call    [CallNextHookEx]
        add     rsp,8*8
        ret     0

section '.data' data readable writeable
;;;module handle
hMod      dq 0
;;;Shared information
ForEncKey dq 0,0

section '.idata' import data readable writeable
  library kernel32,'KERNEL32.DLL',\
  include '%fasminc%\apia\kernel32.inc'
  include '%fasminc%\apia\user32.inc'

section '.edata' export data readable

  export 'MouseHook.DLL',\

section '.data' data readable writeable
ForEncKey dq 0,0
        mov     rax,qword[SharedAddr]
        mov     rcx,qword[rax] ;;;1st qword of ForEncKey
        mov     rax,qword[rax+8] ;;;2nd qword
        mov     qword[ForEncKey],rcx
        mov     qword[ForEncKey+8],rax
section '.idata' import data readable writeable
;;;API imports
  library kernel32,'KERNEL32.DLL',\

        import MouseHook,\
               SharedAddr,'SharedAddr' ;;;Not a function dll shared data ptr
  include '%fasminc%\apia\kernel32.inc'
  include '%fasminc%\apia\user32.inc'


Any thoughts?
Do you think having a function that returns the address and then using a memcpy api is more appropriate in this situation, or is exporting the address just as good?
Post 26 Nov 2006, 06:36
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