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KEYBOARD-CR!M!NAL 01 Nov 2006, 05:13

Programming is new to me. I started reading the Flat Assembler Documentation as suggested in the FASM FAQ sticky. In the compiler overview [1.1], it states Flat Assembler is a fast Assembly language compiler for the x86 architecture processors, which does multiple passes to optimize the size generated machine code.

q] What does Multiple Passes mean?

q] What is Optimization?

q] How does Multiple Passes, optimize the size of the generated machine code?

Post 01 Nov 2006, 05:13
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rugxulo 01 Nov 2006, 05:24

  • Multiple passes usually means evaluating something more than once (e.g., each line of source code is read several times), saving specific necessary information for later.

  • Optimization means to optimize (make optimal = make best). Optimus is the superlative form of the word "good" in Latin (bonus = good, melior = better).

  • Sometimes things are used before they are defined. In this case, you can only guess until you connect all the dots and figure out what everything means.


    a = b + 2

    We must wait until we know what b is defined as.


    b = 10*5

    b equals fifty, so now we know that a equals fifty two.

    P.S. I'm sure most people on this forum will be able to explain much, much better than me. Anyways, hope this tides you over until then. Smile
Post 01 Nov 2006, 05:24
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