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Okay, I don't have anything newer than an XBox (okay, well, it ain't mine but I have access, heh). Still, I do have a fairly strong interest in video games. So, imagine my surprise to read on Wikipedia that the XBox 360 hasn't been released in Poland yet (doh! there goes MS's edge in the console wars), but it will wait until November 3, 2006 in Poland (supposedly ... can anyone confirm this? Just curious).

This is of course not that big a surprise given that most consoles ship on different dates in different countries. Still, MS really rushed the XBox 360 out there (even though XBox 1 was doing well), kinda crimping the style of XBox 1 (and annoying a few fans, I might add, but I guess business is business ... Sad ).

  • XBox 360 -- November 22, 2005 (USA, 11 months ago!), $399 (or $299)

    • external HD-DVD drive: November 7, 2006 (USA), $199

  • PS3 -- November 17, 2006 (USA), $599 (or $499)
  • Wii -- November 19, 2006 (USA), $249

The big deal with the Wii is its weird controller. The big deal with PS3 is its Blu-Ray support, which some movies are already released in: (e.g., 50 First Dates). With the upcoming add-on, XBox 360 will support HD-DVD movies (e.g., Slither).

PS3 is 100% backwards compatible with PS1 and PS2. Heck, even the PSP is getting a PS1 emulator soon. The Wii is backwards compatible with the GameCube. The XBox 360 is software compatible with only some XBox 1 games (267 games in USA, 194 in EU, 64 in JP).

P.S. GameTap is now previewing new Sam and Max episodes (PC).
Post 24 Oct 2006, 17:43
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