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KingDemon 16 Oct 2006, 11:18
Hey! This is my first post on this forum so i'd like to make it count... I'm also interested in OS development and I think I could pull off something like Menuet too, if only I could understand those damn hardware specs. That is, if I were to start programming an OS, I'd make sure it supports at least some of the hardware out there, especially graphics hardware acceleration. Now Menuet uses VESA 2.0, right? I don't know how you managed to get it working, seeing as how hard it is to implement even a simple graphics engine on VESA, but I like it! I haven't yet run Menuet on boot, only inside Bochs, because I'm not very sure about how safe it is, and the graphics in Bochs is really bad. I was planning on digging into the code a bit but I'd hate to boot a floppy disk every time I wanted to do so. Anyways, I have a dual boot system with Fedora Core 5 and Windows XP. Do you think you could provide some instructions on installing Menuet on a hd partition without messing up the existing configuration? Oh bummer... I don't have any more free primary partition slots on my hd! :) That's not a problem! I'll think of something...

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Post 16 Oct 2006, 11:18
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