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I first heard of MeOS a few days ago. All internet articles praised its GUI (16 million colors - wow!) and its small size and noticed that it is written in assembly language. Don't know why I thought that a working GUI is an attribute of a "grown-up" and respectable system, and the magic phrase "pure assembly code" somehow ensured me that this OS is worthy of note. So I've downloaded and tried out the last version of MeOS and took a look at kernel sources.

I was surprised at what I saw. Looks like MeOS is not an "operating system with GUI", but a "Graphic User Interface with... ehr.. what is it called... ah, operating system!" Graphic interface, sound system, network services, etc. compel most of programmers' attention, while such things as task managing, resource allocation or code optimisation are abandoned.

So, I would like to ask Ville some questions to ascertain the situation:

1. What did You write MeOS for? What was Your purposes (except for writing a 16-million colors GUI in pure assembly language)?

2. Why did You start with imperfect GUI, wouldn't it be better to write a tolerable kernel and a simple command-line shell first? Why did You build GUI in kernel, wouldn't it be better to design it as a separate system?

3. Don't You plan to redesign MeOS architecture (or even rewrite it from scratch)?

4. What future do You foresee for MeOS? Will it be another successful desktop system or just a "programmers' toy"?
Post 24 Nov 2003, 12:28
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