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sylwek32 22 Aug 2006, 23:12
Hello FASMers,
I am starting a Operating System Development Team Competition for all FASM ,C and other Assembly Language. I will give over 10-15GB of Space on a Server on a 100MBIT line , with a Webinterface , Team Management System and a CVS and Project Tracking System. If somebody wants to join the Project Netbone as a Programmer os as a helper, you can post it on this forum. If you have some suggestions, please send them to me.It´s a non-profit Project for all Users.If the OS would be finished, it would be available for downloading at Sourceforge and other Big sites. My role in this Project is Server Administration, User Administration and Graphics and Sound Design.I have expirience in Graphical Design and in Sound Design so i can help later if you want to program a OS or a Program with a GUI. I can make a GUI for an other program of the Fasm users on this Forum. You only need to ask.

I hope you are interested in this Project and i hope
we will begin in short time.
Maybe i will get more servers later, if we need more space..
I think, 200-350GB Traffic are enought for the Beginning.
But i can get a lot more.. ~2TB ~3TB Smile

So... Have a lot of fun in writing an answer to me (maybe)
Ideas to me. I will make a ToDo list.
Post 22 Aug 2006, 23:12
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