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Vortex 29 Jun 2003, 18:33
Hi friends,

The attachment contains an example of using Jeremy Collake's
compression code with Fasm.It's a small decompression demonstration.
You can download the whole compression package from Jeremy Collake's
web site.Beside the free compression library,the package contains the
source files.

JCALG1 Compression software:


Also,you need Jeremy Gordon's free linker GoLink to build the demo
file.The decompression code (object file) acts like a static library. Smile

set include=\fasmw\include
jcalg1_test c5 \fasm\fasm.txt fasm.jc
\fasm\fasm Demo.asm Demo.obj
\goasm\golink /console /entry start Demo.obj jcalg1_d_fast.obj kernel32.dll user32.dll crtdll.dll

jcalg1_test.exe : Compression tool
Here,the printf function from the C run-time DLL is used to display
a message in the console screen.

Jeremy Gordon's GoLink:


The executable demo.exe outputs the flat assembler's user manual
as a demonstration.

Filename: Fasm+JClib.zip
Filesize: 42.85 KB
Downloaded: 767 Time(s)

Code it... That's all...
Post 29 Jun 2003, 18:33
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