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daluca 02 Aug 2006, 03:49
Hello: this is not a question, i know the binary to decimal conversion is
a well-known subject but i have made my own version of the function
and i want to show it so others can use it or improve it.
it uses the MagicNumber and a few shifts and sub's:

the buffer is like: bufer db 'xxxxxxxxxx',0
the zero is needed

the buffer is filled with the string (no leading zeros)
the function has a rep movsb that moves the characters to the begining
of the buffer even if the buffer is full so maybe you want to insert a
cmp ecx,11 to skip moving the characters to where they allready are.

i use the following sintax:
X is the number to divide by 10
R is the integer result
r is the residue (or modulo,i don't now the exact word in english)
so for instance if X=4152 then R=415 and r=2
       ;EAX number to convert
       ;ESI pointer to a 10-bytes-long,zero terminated buffer
        push ecx
        push edi
        mov ecx,1   ;ecx is the counter
        mov edi,esi
        add esi,10
        push eax
        mov edx,3435973837 ;MagicNumber
        mul edx
        pop eax        ;eax = X
        and dl,$f8     ;edx = 8R
        sub eax,edx    ;eax = X-8R
        shr edx,2      ;edx = 2R
        sub eax,edx    ;eax=X-8R-2R  =  X-(8R+2R) = X-10R = r
        shr edx,1      ;edx=R
        xchg eax,edx   ;now eax=R and edx=r
;-write char:-------dl=(0-9)
        or dl,$30      ;dl=('0'-'9')
        dec esi
        mov [esi],dl
        inc cl
        cmp eax,0
        je .exit
        jmp .divide
        rep movsb
        pop edi
        pop ecx
;EAX = 0
;ESI = one byte ahead of the zero in the zero-terminated-string
Post 02 Aug 2006, 03:49
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