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Joined: 29 May 2006
Posts: 62
Howdy! Very Happy

Just a week ago I installed Ubuntu on my old, sloppy yet buggy computer Laughing
(But to be honest, it runs better and faster than it did the time Win ME was installed Shocked)

I have installed FASM and I configured my Ubuntu so much as I could, and what can I say?
Ubuntu + FASM = Something that's better than sex Wink

The GTK examples are really cool and I just love FASM more and more while I'm using my Ubuntu. If someone really needs a good Linux distro, then Ubuntu shall be the answer (and not to forget to mention that FASM is the best free assembler)

Well, that's all.. I wanted to introduce myself as a new member in the FASM Linux group Twisted Evil
Post 25 Jun 2006, 09:53
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tom tobias

Joined: 09 Sep 2003
Posts: 1320
Location: usa
tom tobias

If someone really needs a good Linux distro, then Ubuntu shall be the answer

Ok, great, and umm, well, one appreciates the sincerity of your conviction, suggesting an improvement on sex, though presumably that may change in a day or so....
My question is not directed against your point of view, i.e. that Ubuntu is the best distribution of Linux, but rather is aimed at asking
first: why is this thread distinct from the other thread on Linux distributions--it seems to me that your post belongs to that thread...maybe I misunderstand both threads!!
second: why don't you explain what it is about Ubuntu that makes it superior to other distributions. For example, does it offer KDE while redhat/fedora promotes Gnome? (I think the answer is no, Ubuntu also features GNOME? right?) Why would anyone suggest that GNOME is superior to KDE???? holy cow! What about Suse? Slackware??? Mandriva?? Gentoo?? Debian???? I guess my perspective is this: if one wishes to offer an opinion, that's fine, even a little hyperbole, (better than sex) is ok, but, to genuinely contribute something of value (like FASM itself, for example,) shouldn't one investigate some of the alternatives, and then perform a comparative analysis of the features, and perhaps engage in some benchmark testing, before suggesting that everyone rush out and purchase Ubuntu, without explaining its supposed merits????? Personally, I would never bother to waste one millisecond with Ubuntu, Fedora, or any of the other GNOME distributions. KDE or nothing for me.
To prove me in error, all you have to do, is explain WHY Ubuntu or one of the other Gnomish distributions is superior to the KDE distributions. I am already encumbered by m$, why would I wish to impose upon myself, another North American concoction, GNOME, instead of supporting the European standard, KDE?
Rolling Eyes
Post 25 Jun 2006, 12:43
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Joined: 29 May 2006
Posts: 62
Ok, I'll answer your questions:

first: This thread doesn't belong to that thread, as I only wanted to tell people that I'm using Ubuntu and that it is superior after some configuration..

second: Ubuntu is very easy to use, it offers very much flexibility (I have tested other distros as well, but Ubuntu was the one which was the most comfortable). Ubuntu uses GNOME, while an alternative project called Kubuntu uses KDE, there's also Xubuntu which uses XFCE, and that's a real bonus, you can nearly select what desktop environment you want to use. Also, they offer Live CD's for each Ubuntu (A CD from which you can boot a "demo" of the distro.)

Having that said, I am sure you will look into Kubuntu as you are a "fan" of KDE. Ubuntu comes with pretty much software pre-installed so there's only a few left to install by yourself (I'm saying this of my own experience, my "list" contained nearly 10 applications that I wanted to install, but they were pre-installed and what was left was only FASM, and that made my life a lot easier.)

But all what I'm saying is my opinion only, some people are working with their Amiga boxes and don't care of the "dirty" nature of the computer/software world.

And, Ubuntu's installation was so easy I didn't have many headaches like with the installation of Fedora or RedHat or Mandriva. And I hate Suse, Slackware and Debian, Gentoo is ok, but not as good as Ubuntu.

Ubuntu is really worth to look at, check www.ubuntu.com out !
(I am sure after you tested it you'll say it's better than s*x too Very Happy)
Post 25 Jun 2006, 17:32
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Joined: 18 May 2005
Posts: 443
Location: BC, Canada
ubuntu is great, i prefer it to kubuntu the KDE alternative
Post 26 Jun 2006, 06:49
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Joined: 18 Aug 2005
Posts: 382
Location: Finland
I like Slackware, with fluxbox, but havent had any linux distro installed for year or so, because old comp did blow up Razz
Post 26 Jun 2006, 09:55
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