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Alex 05 Nov 2003, 16:29

This is my first posting.
Thank you for FASM. This is the best and newest Assembler Compiler.

Is in next time a 64Bit compiler in planed?
I have a MASM32 Assembler Code. Can I make a FASM Source with this.
It is Shareware ans with MASM32 there are no problems.
Is FASM very stable then MASM32 or not ?

I can not find commandline support for FASMW.
I want donate bud I do not have a credit card. See www.shareit.com too.
Post 05 Nov 2003, 16:29
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scientica 05 Nov 2003, 22:17
Hello Alex,
There has been some discussion about fasm supporting 64 bit (I assmume you mean AMD64, not IA64), but afaik currently no code is written for that (thougt if I've understood it right "only " one file needs to be rewritten/replaced).
You can convert MASM32 code to fasm, but you'll need to change a few things (like "mov eax, dword_var" in MASM32 syntax is written lie this with fasm syntax: "mov eax, [dword_var]" -- there are more differences but it's not impossible, just need some time (my self I've "ported" an mid-size project to fasm from masm32 syntax -- the first 800 builds gave lot's errors ( Laughing ), most of them were simple of typos and then there was some translation errors that didn't show up untill some time after). If you need some help "translatomg", just start a new thread and ask (don't forget to attach (or write within [ code ] tags) the pice of code you need help with).

I consider fasm very stable (sometimes after a new fature has been implented there might be a few hours some bug exists, but I'll probably be fixed shortly Smile), fasmw has some bugs which the pure commandline version doesn't have (realted to the IDE).

Fasmw is the IDE verison of fasm for windows, you can donwload the package named "for Win32 console" it's the command line version for windows (for DOS and linux there currenlty is just the commmandline version)

Hope I've been able to help

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- Bradley Kuhn
Post 05 Nov 2003, 22:17
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