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Hey, I just got intrested in Virtualization and several VMs. I just took a look at most of them I saw Bochs/Plex86, Parallels, VMWare, Virtual PC, Xen, QEMU and some other nice ones.. Some of them are open source and I can hardly understand the conecept of those things. I don't want to write my own or so, it is too much work, but why is it so complex? I want to get behind how this works.. Is it really emulate the complete instruction sets and chips like BIOS, VGABIOS->Emulated to output in a PictureBox ->Emulated to write to file instead to disk? and that's it?

Anyway I don't get behind the thing that you start your VM then you put in a CD and install Windoze or whatever.. Am I right when I think lets say you put in a Windows CD.. you say Setup.exe and then Setup.exe is loaded into memory or array and then the opcodes are processed and emulated by the VM?

Don't get me wrong I know there are several people out there who know much about this but I don't even get the basic concept. But I just want to know how this technoligies work to get an insight into this.

Hopefully to more understand my Machine and how it works. Even a link
that explains a part or something would be really nice. Maybe someone
comes up with a super VM in FASM one day Laughing

Best Regards,
Post 06 May 2006, 16:25
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Greets Kinex - I agree that virtualization is an interesting topic, and one that will likely get a lot of attention and use in the coming year. Especially since Intel and AMD have included direct support for virtualization in silicon.

I recommend you check out Intel's page on virtualization. If you look on the right hand side of this link, you will find the IA-32 extensions to the ISA that implement the virtualization features of the new chips. You will also find some other helpfull links on this page:


For more general information on virtualization, check out these links:


I highly recommend a book on virtualization, "Virtual Machines - Versatile Platforms for Systems and Processes" by Jim Smith and Ravi Nair. This book goes into great detail on how system and process virtual machines are engineered and how they work work.

Best of luck.

Post 09 May 2006, 00:49
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