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tom tobias wrote:
...referring to MazeGen's newly discovered, as yet UNDOCUMENTED instructions in the Intel Opcode Map...

Hey tom, companies look for profit, they do not care if you like it or not, as long as they have clients/profit. So it's not in their profit do DOCUMENT everything -- only if they find something from it. So UNDOCUMENTED does not necessarily mean STUPID/STRANGE/BROKEN/SOMETHING THAT DOESN'T WORK. Motorola/Apple won't care (this is only an example) if you'll complain that they don't use english anymore (it was JUST an example, not even true).

ps: why do you always use such elaborate english constructs? To waste the forum's bytes? To impress us that, unlike us, you own such a supreme knowledge and apply it here? Wink

oh, I guess I'll have to say this explicitly -- the above fragment was something like a joke, but you don't seem to get the jokes anyway. no insult, of course

besides: a math guru will most probably say: "The math language is the most readable language", others like you will say "English is the most readable language", a physicist will say "Physics language is the most readable language", etc.. that's because everyone is comfortable with it. So please (I know you didn't even say it here, but I just remind you) don't say that just because something is in english it means it's readable. That's natural for you to say since you know it, but that is not true for most of us. In my opinion, the language that SHOULD be used for programming should be the COMPUTER's LANGUAGE, because you're programming for it. Just as you use english to write a text/book, you use computer's language to write a program (book in computers Smile ). And scientists are not less sophisticated (most aren't even english-lovers), they like so much to express everything complexly, I dunno why just to impress others I suppose. Smile just a metaphor
Post 01 May 2006, 11:50
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Verbosity in development

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MazeGen wrote:
I hope some moderator will cut the off-topics off to some another thread. Thanks Rolling Eyes

sorry for another offtopic, but i just imagined thread named "Does Tom Tobias take drugs?" Laughing Laughing Laughing

again, sorry if i offended anyone

Privalov: IMO no. It would be just "to be there", i believe no-one will really use them
Post 01 May 2006, 21:16
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