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How would you define data for the sse/sse2 instuctions Question
I looked in the 1.49 fasm manual:data definitions, and I do not see a way to define this data, only up to a ten byte float.

Suggestion?: Wink
Arrow (In the definitions below, you wouldn't have to use a data access overide,
like so: mov xmm0, dqword [myssefloat]. The fasm compiler would
know that this is a qword (sse/sse2) value, just mov xmm0,[myssefloat])

myssefloat dqf 1.0,2.0,3.0,4.0 ; single precision floats (sse)
myssedfloat dqd 1.0,2.0 ;double precision floats (sse2)

myssebytes dqb 10,20,30,40,10,20,30,40,10,20,30,40,10,20,30,40
myssewords dqw 1020,3040,1020,3040,1020,3040,1020,3040
myssedwords dqd 10203040,10203040,10203040,10203040
mysseqwords dqq 1020304010203040,1020304010203040
Post 30 Oct 2003, 13:11
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